My Unconventional Life: Meet 'Monkey Mom,' who is raising two monkeys as if they were her own kids

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Stephanie Fusco sure has her hands full. 

As the owner of two white-faced capuchin monkeys named Xander and Ohana, Fusco bathes, walks, feeds and plays with the animals, both of whom she treats as if they were her own kids. Stephanie can even pinpoint the monkeys' two distinct personalities: Xander is a little unruly, while Ohana likes to lay around. 

"I would have to say my relationship with my monkeys is like my children," explained Fusco to AOL Lifestyle. "I know they're not children, but they're more than just a pet." She continued, "If I was ever to have kids, I'd have to raise them around them, and make sure they're listening and make sure everything is going right because I would never get rid of my monkeys." 

Outings with Xander and Ohana include walking them on leashes or carrying them on her shoulders. Stephanie knows its not a conventional sight for the rest of the world, an aspect she enjoys. 

"It's not something you see all the time," Fusco explained. "I like to see people smile at it. I like making people's day with it."

See more of Stephanie's story in the video above. 

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BUSY TONIGHT -- Episode 1080 -- Pictured: (l-r) Guest Natalie Morales and host Busy Philipps on the set of Busy Tonight -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
White-headed capuchin (Cebus capucinus), Cebidae, Tropical rain forest, Costa Rica.
*** EXCLUSIVE - VIDEO AVAILABLE *** NORTH CAROLINA - APRIL 2018: Xander the monkey and his owner Stephanie taken in North Carolina, April 2018. A WOMAN claims that her pet monkey has stopped her from getting a boyfriend - but shell never give him up. Stephanie Fusco grew up dreaming of owning a pet monkey, and her dreams came true two years ago. The 26-year-old's monkey, Alexander Laurence Fusco, also known as Xander, is a white faced capuchin lives with her in North Carolina, where it is legal to own certain exotic pets. Capuchins are medium-sized New World monkeys, native to Central America, however their intelligence and adaptability has made them sought after pets. Unsurprisingly domesticating a monkey hasnt always been the easiest of tasks and Stephanie admits that her dedication to Xander the monkey has even affected her dating life. PHOTOGRAPH BY Martin Brown / Barcroft Images (Photo credit should read Martin Brown / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)
COSTA RICA - 2017/02/12: A white-faced capuchin monkey (Cebus capucinus) in the rainforest of the Manuel Antonio National Park located at the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. (Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)
capuchin monkey. Manuel Antonio National Park. Costa Rica. Central America. (Photo by: Federico Meneghetti/REDA&CO/UIG via Getty Images)
TO GO WITH AFP STORY by Giovanna Fleitas Chilean veterinarian Nicole Rivera gives medical treatment to a capuchin monkey (Cebus Apella) at a primate rehabilitation centre in Peñaflor, 30 km southwest of Santiago, Chile, on October 6, 2015. The centre houses about 150 monkeys of various species that have been victims of trafficking. AFP PHOTO / MARTIN BERNETTI (Photo credit should read MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/Getty Images)
Mother and baby Capuchin monkeys, Peru. (Photo by: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)
UNSPECIFIED - MARCH 03: White-headed capuchin (Cebus capucinus), Cebidae. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)
White-headed capuchin monkey, gorgona island. (Photo by: Cedric Favero/VW Pics/UIG via Getty Images)
Gropu of White faced Capuchins in tress

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