This is how much it costs to renovate a kitchen in 2019

You’ve saved your pennies and crafted a Pinterest board that would make Joanna Gaines go weak at the knees. And now? Well…you’re ready to renovate your kitchen!

But wait a second: Before you break out the sledgehammer, wouldn’t it be helpful to see what things actually cost—and which reno trends are dominating—for 2019? Luckily, our data-crunching friends at Houzz just conducted a national survey on the subject. Below, the most illuminating numbers to consider if you’re renovating this year.

8 home improvement projects that are a waste of money
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8 home improvement projects that are a waste of money

"Building a home office might seem like the perfect addition to your house. After all, lots of people do work from home and creating the optimal quiet space with great bookshelves, cabinets, and desk space, etc. However, while it might seem worth it to you to invest over $20,000 in a new work space, but for many homebuyers, a home office can be a bit of a deterrent. Instead of a great place to work they see it as a room they'd have to remodel should they want to use it for something else."

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"When the summer heat hits and it's hard to find a spot to swim, putting in a pool can seem like a marvelous idea. Unfortunately, no matter where you live, even if it is warm year-round, opting for a pool greatly decreases the value of your home. Pools cost quite a bit to maintain, which means you'll constantly be paying for the upkeep of your pool."

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"While this luxurious upgrade sounds like a no-brainer, trying to add any sort of addition to your master is going to be costly. Between the amenities and materials and the cost of reconstruction, you're going at least pay thousands for an upscale addition. Your return on investment however is about half that amount. Instead of completely renovating, find ways to use the space you have and consider simply refreshing your master suite."

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"A sunroom seems like a perfect addition come spring and summer. What better and relaxing way to enjoy the great outdoors, and keep out the bugs? However, what appears to be a logical and worthwhile addition, doesn't exactly live up to its promise. What you'll pay over $50,000 for, will only give you half that in return." 

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"A bathroom addition is usually something that falls on the project list because it's actually needed. Often times families find that they need another bathroom or need to expand their existing one to accommodate the people in their family. That being said, even building a bathroom for cheap is likely going to cost you $40,000."

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"Every home show and magazine has a tendency to focus on the kitchen. After all, it is the place that many homeowners find themselves in on the regular. So, it's perfectly normal to want to upgrade your kitchen to include that quartz countertop, large kitchen island, and top-of-the-line appliances. Doing a major kitchen remodel, however, won't be worth it in the long-run as you'll likely get a return of only two-thirds of the cost of your kitchen."

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"If you've ever watched a show displaying celebrity homes, you probably noticed the large amount of random entertainment rooms they possessed. They probably had a movie theater room, game room, or play room for the kids. These special-purpose rooms give the appearance of adding great value to your home, especially since you usually invest a lot in them.

On the other hand, not everyone would opt for the same special room that you would. This means that could be money you'd lose when trying to sell your home."

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"For the emergency-prepared, a backup generator is the first on their home improvement list. This might be the perfect $15,000 investment to those who are truly at a loss should the power ever go out. However, when you consider the amount of times your power is ever down and the, usually, small consequences that go along with that, save yourself from losing the $8,000 a backup generator will cost you on your ROI, and just count your likely small losses."

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$11,000: The national median spend on all kitchen remodels. This seemingly modest benchmark figure is the average of all kitchen renovations, both big and small, which were collected from the survey’s 1,337 participants.

$33,000: The average cost of a major kitchen remodel of 200-plus square feet. OK, well that’s a more sobering number. If you’ve got a big kitchen in need of all-new everything (cabinets! appliances!), this is the ballpark of what you can expect to spend on the overhaul. 

93 percent: The amount of renovators who update countertops during a remodel. New work surfaces are the single most common kitchen update—with nearly all renovators making the swap when remodeling. 

6 percent: The percentage decrease in renovators asking for open-concept kitchens. ICYMI, formal dining rooms are back, baby.

69 percent: The amount of renovators who chose stainless-steel appliances. Fun fact: This figure is down from 74 percent just last year. Accounting for some of that change? Black appliances—which are on the upswing.

48 percent: The amount of homeowners opting for quartz counters. Quartz has steadily been picking up steam over the past few years. And for 2019? It’s officially usurped natural stone (marble, granite, etc.) in popularity.

83 percent: The percentage of renovators who hired professional help. Think: GC’s, architects, kitchen designers, handymen, etc. Our question: Where are the rest of these folks learning how to install countertops? Goals. 

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