18 best dog breeds for kids


Dogs have personalities and quirks, no matter what breed they are. Children also differ in their needs, energy levels, and personalities. No matter which breed you hone in on, it is important to take a common sense approach, when choosing and introducing a new pet to your household.

“When searching for a pet dog for the family, parents often consult friends or relatives, or rely on their own personal experiences,” says Janelle Emmett, DVM, veterinary program director at Carrington College‘s Sacramento, California campus. “Ideally, people should select a breed based upon the anticipated lifestyle of the dog, being mindful to match the personality and age of the child and the traits of the breed.” Additionally, parents must remember that nothing can replace careful monitoring of the child with the pet and good training, she notes. Before you bring a dog home, make sure you have all the items on this puppy checklist.

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