Shop 5 of Meghan Markle's favorite purses


Just because we weren't born royal or married royal doesn't mean we have to stop living out our princess fantasies. No one's stopping us from dressing like a royal!

While Meghan Markle is known for her spectacular style, the royal is very specific about who she wears. The 37-year-old regularly supports both American and Canadian designers, and frequently opts for female-led brands (looking at you, Givenchy).

Even the smallest detail of her outfit, such as her purses, makes headlines, sending crazed shoppers in search of whatever she most recently wore. Reports assert that the Meghan Markle effect is very much real -- resulting in some looks to be sold-out within hours -- but there are some of her favorite items still in stock!

We've rounded up her 5 favorite purses and where you can find them online. Some are only recently restocked, so it's important to snag 'em up before it's too late!

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