Pioneer Woman now has dog treats based on her favorite recipes

Ree Drummond of Pioneer Woman has a pack of lucky dogs on her Oklahoma ranch. When we met for dinner in NYC, she told us that she has roughly five or six dogs running around, give or take, because some of them are the cowboys dogs. But whether they're her own labs and basset hounds or somebody else's, they know where they can find her for tasty food scraps. And it's actually those dogs and those food scraps that inspired her Pioneer Woman Dog Treats.

Pioneer Woman Dog Treats made by Purina launched in April of this year and mimic the homestyle recipes Ree makes for her family using natural, simple ingredients. They come in nine varieties, from Bacon, Maple & Apple Recipe Waffles and Chicken Parmesan Recipe Bites to Chicken & Sweet Taters Recipe Bites and Beef & Brisket Recipe BBQ-Style Cuts

Ree Drummond and her dogs on Instagram
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Ree Drummond and her dogs on Instagram
Nothing to see here, folks.
This photo demonstrates the sheer adoration my dogs have for me...and for the shaved turkey I had placed inside my coffee mug in order to get the hooligans to stand still for the shot. There's nothing like the unconditional love of a dog!
Duke and Lucy sighting! 🐶🐶 Hope you enjoy this peek at my two angels (well, sometimes...ha) as well as a look at my new line of homestyle @pioneerwomandogtreats! I partnered with @purina and worked hard to make each and every treat special and delicious for the Drummond dogs. Both the meaty and crunchy treats are all natural, and I think the flavors will make you smile: Chicken Parmesan Bites, Beef Brisket BBQ Cuts, Chicken & Sweet Taters, Bacon, Maple & Apple Waffles, Shortcake Biscuits, Chicken & Blueberry Waffles...and more fun varieties. We also have long-lasting Drummies, which have very limited ingredients. If your dogs are like mine, they like bites of “people food” and balk at a lot of store-bought treats because they don’t taste like the real thing. So for me, each and every treat had to get the big thumbs up from all my pooches...and they love them! Trust me, if the Drummond dogs love them, yours will too! 😍 They are a picky bunch. You can find the full line of treats at @walmart stores (they’re available for online grocery pickup) and special sizes of the Beef Brisket BBQ treats at @samsclub. Hope your doggies love them. Pat their heads for me! Love, Hopeless Dog Lover in Oklahoma
I’m excited to finally get to spill the beans on something I’ve been working on for the past year: I partnered with @purina to create The Pioneer Woman Dog Treats, inspired by my L❤️VE for dogs (and of course, my love for home cooking!) Every one of my crunchy and meaty treat are all natural and made with simple ingredients, AND (most importantly, according to them, haha)...all the Drummond doggies love them. I think you’ll get a kick out of the fun/yummy choices, from Beef Brisket to Chicken Parmesan to Strawberry Shortcake to Chicken & Blueberry Waffles (which Walter is licking his chops over in this pic!) and more. The new treats will be on shelves at Walmart stores this Saturday, and at Sam’s Club next week! It has been amazing to work with @purina throughout this entire process, from ideas to ingredients to packaging! They are a company made up of folks who love their own dogs as much as I love mine.❤️🐶
Some recent photos of Henry. He's taken over everything, and he has the most interesting sleeping positions.
Easter nap.
Well, I’m glad that’s settled.
The most emotionally manipulative person in my life is not a person.
I can't tell if he's graceful in his clumsiness or clumsy in his gracefulness. The crunching you hear are the leaves as I try to avoid being Basset Hounded.
Cowboy-Basset love fest. Listen to what Ladd says toward the end. 😭😭😭
Well hello, my little lamb chop pookie-headed Schlumpers. I mean Henry.
Henry's tilting to the left, Presley's tilting to the right, and Walter's... just...kinda...standing there.
I can't tell if he wants me to come pet him...or if he's daring me to touch Ladd's boot. Or if he would like some scrambled eggs. This is the mystery of a Basset Hound stare.
I don't think I'll complain about my jowls again any time soon.
Shot this on the ranch last week, sharing with you today. Cameos by Paige and Henry!❤️ Also, I love plates. 😊 Happy almost spring!
Wonderful, marvelous, lovely Lucy! She smells like a barn. I love her.

"My friends at Purina and I share the same passion for creating tasty, nutritious food and we're committed to bringing high quality ingredients to the forefront," Ree said in a press release. "Pets have always had a special place in my heart, so I'm thrilled that dogs everywhere can now experience a taste inspired by my family's favorite recipes!"

When chatting with Ree, she told us she first got the idea to make her own dog treats when she noticed her dogs were turning down other store-bought ones in favor of her leftover brisket and chicken. (Can you blame them?)

So, she worked with Purina's team of veterinarians, pet nutritionists, behaviorists and scientists to turn her dishes into natural dog-friendly morsels. Just like that, her passion for her dogs and her cooking suddenly came together. 

You can find Pioneer Woman Dog Treats at Walmart and Sam's Club with prices ranging from $5.48 to $13.46 online (prices may vary in-stores). 

How different dog breeds show love
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How different dog breeds show love


Common breeds: Chow Chow (pictured). Akita, Chinese Shar Pei

Many of these kinds of dogs were originally bred to guard people and property. They're often seen as independent and more reserved around strangers, although fiercely loyal to their family. They like their space, so you should let them come to you — let them give you love on their own terms. They'll usually show their love by sitting close to you (but not on you).


Common breeds: Siberian husky (pictured), Alaskan Malamute, Samoyed

These types of dogs were bred to be highly active and social dogs. They get along and work well with other dogs (think: sled dogs). They often show their love by playfully jumping, roughhousing and playing with toys. To show them love, they should get proper exercise and lots of playtime. 


Common breeds: Maltese (pictured), Bichon Frise, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Pug, Shih Tzu

Companion dogs were literally bred to be lap dogs, often finding companionship with royalty. They're friendly, intelligent and show their love just by being with you and "kissing." Show them love by petting them while they sit on your lap.


Common breeds: Mastiff (pictured), American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, French Bulldog, Rottweiler

These types of dogs are known to be loyal to their families. Although often large, they show love by playfully jumping and "smiling." They enjoy belly rubs and just being near you, like snuggling up with you on your couch or in your bed.


Common breeds: Australian Shepherd (pictured), Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie, German Shepherd, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Shetland Sheepdog

These breeds of dogs are very smart. Give them a job to do and they'll show their love through their hard work. They love to keep a group together and will herd most things as well as stick by your side waiting for the next command. Show them love by giving them plenty of play time and a job to do, like playing fetch.


Common Breeds: Golden Retriever (pictured), Cocker Spaniel, English Setter, German Shorthair Pointer, Labrador Retriever, Poodle

These dogs are known to be friendly, happy, active and loyal companions. They were originally bred to work with hunters, and they show their love by helping. This is why many of them make for great therapy or guide dogs. They'll lean into you or put their nose in your lap to show their love. To keep them happy, play retrieving games that provide exercise and cuddle them close.


Common breeds: Chihuahua (pictured), Russell Terrier, Schnauzer, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier

Terriers have a lot of energy and often want to be with their humans, but they can also be stubborn and more reserved around strangers. They'll show their love by playing with you and coming into your space. To show them love, give them some exercise and keep them close.


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