This is the best time to buy a TV -- here's why

There’s an optimal time to make almost any purchase. Before we even reveal the best time to buy a television, think about all of the important television events that happen during the year. There’s the Thanksgiving Day parade, award show season, and, of course, every major sporting event championship. So, it only makes sense that the pinnacle of football season also coincides with increasing TV sales, because it seems everyone wants to watch the big game on an even bigger screen.

According to Nerd Wallet, February is actually the best time to buy a new TV. That’s right—Black Friday actually isn’t considered the best time for television sales. It’s in February (and even spilling into January) that TV sales are at their all-time best. Find out the optimal time to make 43 other purchases, too.

Retailers are obviously aware of this trend and start to seriously lower those prices when the big game rolls around. Amazon, in particular, was offering up to $1,000 off some of their televisions for the upcoming big game, and they even promised Prime customers that they would deliver the television of their choice in just two days. Best Buy offered televisions for as low as $270 (yes, for a 43-inch screen) with cheap shipping. Walmart also offered televisions up to $1,000 off, their cheapest screen priced at $298 for a 50-inch. Even Costco hopped on the trend, offering “Big Game Savings” for high-end Samsung screens priced as low as $429. Now those are some secrets your television salesperson won’t tell you.

If you missed snagging a new television before this year’s big game, there are other great times to buy one. Obviously, Black Friday is one of them, but it’s also smart to buy a television in the spring. Typically new TV models will start to roll out in March and April, which means older models will probably get some major discounts. So if you’re not a huge television fanatic and don’t mind a year-old model, you can absolutely snag a television at a cheap price this spring. And once you have a new screen, it’s best to take good care of it by avoiding these 11 things you should never do to your flat screen TV.

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Shop smarter online:

6 rules to follow when shopping online
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6 rules to follow when shopping online
1. Make sure that the website you are ordering from is secure
"Many websites will have a seal at the bottom stating that the website is indeed secure and will not make your information public under any circumstances. A site that has 'https://' at the beginning of their web address as well as a padlock symbol is typically a site to trust." -My Broken Coin
2. Search for product reviews beforehand
"Returning items to online stores can be a major hassle. So why not find out what others think of the product before you purchase it online? For example, before buying a new laptop, search for comments and complaints associated with the brand. If there are more negative reviews than positive, and the same problem is reoccurring, then it may not be a brand worth investing in. This will save yourself from buying something that would have to be returned to the store soon after receipt." -My Broken Coin
3. Look for promo codes before checking out
"Who doesn't like saving money, especially on necessities? Almost every retailer will have some sort of promotion available, so ensure you look for one before purchasing. You may not find every code useful or relevant to your purchase, but there are plenty out there that could save you money. So, before you check out ensure you search your retailer for voucher codes and see how much you could save." -My Broken Coin
5. Check and double check your shopping cart
"When shopping online, it's incredibly easy to get side-tracked and accidentally add things into your shopping cart. For example, you may double click on an item and not notice that you've order two of it until it's too late. As well as this, if you've visited a site before but abandoned your cart before purchasing, the site will sometimes have saved your items when you visit again. Thus, it's incredibly important that you double check what you're buying." -My Broken Coin
6. Track your order
"Many sites give you the option to track you orders. This is especially handy when you need your order by a specific date (before Christmas, in time for a birthday party, etc.). Stay on-top of your order's location at all times, including the cities that it is arriving in and departing from every day. A lot of online trackers go through FedEx or UPS and are typically very accurate." -My Broken Coin
4. Price-match whenever possible
"Price-matching and price-comparison is the one of the best strategies for saving money while shopping online, as you will be able to purchase items that you otherwise would not have been able to afford. Retailers are in constant competition with each other to offer the best price and product to customers, so find the one that's offering the best deal." -My Broken Coin

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