These luxurious playhouses can cost up to $200,000

This company is taking treehouses and swing sets to the next level with these lavish custom playhouses for your backyard. They're every kids' dream!

Former landscaper, Tyson Leavitt, launched Charmed Playhouses in 2015, after challenging himself to build his kids the "most fantastic, epic playhouse the world had ever seen."

Charmed Playhouses creates custom playhouses, treehouses and even doghouses designed to capture the owners' individuality and enhance their property.

Since then, their company has completely taken off. They were granted their own lifestyle and reality TV show, Playhouse Masters, which was featured on TLC, and is still airing internationally.

Charmed Playhouses' extravagant creations
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Charmed Playhouses' extravagant creations
This is probably the most epic playground we have ever built. Our playcastle sits atop a beautiful mountain and is adorn with a bazillion play accessories, including 3 epic water cannons. . We love the creative projects our clients have come up with (along with our team members). Can you imagine the epic playtime you could have here? . . #castle #build #home #kids #kidsdesign #fort #treehouse #playhouse #playground #playtime #play #watercannons #cosplay #setdesigner #setdesign #design #homedesign
Want to see what it takes to build our Harry Potter inspired playhouse? Check out the timelapse! - #harrypotter #timelapse #build #woodwork #fantasty #design #designer #themepark #playhouse #playfort #fort #castle #hogwarts #weasley #olivanders
This playset we built for @kelleyopp & @rjo7798 was so unique. It ended up having so many unique features and I can only imagine how many hours their rambunctious kiddos have spent on it. - While we were filming our #playhousemasters on @tlc we had so much fun joking and playing with their amazing family. Watch out @anwnation, I have a feeling the Oppedisano family is coming for you!
Since I am headed to #Hawaii next week (Brady), I thought a playhouse inspired by a little Hawaiian girl and her blue alien friend would be cool way to mentally prepare for the heat. I remember being so mesmerized my this movie. It seemed so authentic to island life. Disney seems to know what they're doing! What movie is this playhouse from? What's your favorite #Disney movie?
How cute is this little she-shed?! This one was decked out for the ultimate crafter. Her little piece of heaven where she can work, be creative and have everything she needs to create some beautiful jewelry. We build so much more than just playhouses. She-sheds, man-caves, pool houses, sheds, and much much more. - #sheshed #divaden #mancave #shed #playhouse #playset #design #kidsplayhouse #fort #gardenshed
Remember that time we filmed a tv show for @tlc? Ya that was cool. We had so many amazing experiences and it all just seems like a dream now. Filming with @highnoonent was a highlight of our lives and we grew to love our film crew. This shot was taken during our very first filming experience. The Gibbs cute little family decided to build a two story modern retreat that was a nod to their beautiful home. - As we enjoy this beautiful easter weekend it reminds me of how grateful I am for faith, family and and the amazing opportunities that you all have helped us have. -Tyson- - #playhousemasters #visbeenarchitects #modernhouse #playhouse #fort #cubby @wendyhouse #toyhouse #dollhouse #family #playhousemasters #film #tv #realitytv #setdesign #easter
Pirate ships always seem to be a hit. Maybe it’s because we all dream about being on the open seas with nothing holding us back from exploring the world. It’s not too hard to imagine the sense of freedom that would accompany an old ship with the wind at your back (aside from the countless hours of scrubbing the deck, managing the sails and the horrible sea sickness) 😂. - For a moment let’s just pretend that everything would be perfect and enjoy a quick edit of this install. 😉 - #playhouse #fort #captainhook #build #carpentry #woodwork #pirateship #pirate #ship #kidsdesign #theming #themepark #gardenshed
Confession: I was a total mama's boy when I was a kid (okay, maybe I'm still a mama's boy). I used to beg my mom to allow me to accompany her to the grocery store for a chance at something sweet. "You only want a doughnut." She would say with a loving smile. Obviously, I would always contest this accusation, but I would always somehow end up with a special maple glazed doughnut. They were both my favorite and my mom's favorite. I guess much hasn't changed. I'm 25 (Hi, I'm Brady, the marketing student) and my mom still thinks of me when she goes grocery shopping. When I go alone, I somehow always end up at the bakery. It's just habit; a tradition. It's the little things that matter. Someday I'll take my kids to the grocery store and they'll say, "Dad, can I have a doughnut?" I guess I have my mom's generous nature, because I'll probably say, "As long as it's maple." This playhouse was built for someone very special. It's the perfect doughnut shop. What's something special your parents did for you as a kid?
@alwaysaudy has been meditating a lot lately and we (@tysonleavitt) like to discuss where that takes her. She describes it in a way that I can only relate to when I build (I’m not big into meditating, it just makes me fall asleep 😴). When I get in a creative space time doesn’t matter, and a real sense of joy overcomes me. It puts me in a mindset that allows me to focus in, conceptualize, problem solve and become creative all at the same time. I think for me crafting, creating, building can put me in the state that Audy has been describing to me. . It’s not easy to get into each one of our creative spaces. Roadblocks are always there to prevent us getting into it. Phone calls, schedules, and life and many other things can take our mind off of things just enough to inhibit us from finding that space. . I’d love to hear how you find that space, and how you explain your state of euphoria. 💆🏼‍♂️ . #build #meditate #carpenter #playhouse #family #study #focus #woodwork #diy #create #craft #craftsmanship #familybusiness
Our latest castle is our spin on Belles castle. We have never painted a house pink like this but I absolutely love it. We also had an intricate stained glass window design and manufactured right up the road from us by an amazing glazier. . We can’t wait to set this beauty in its final location and I can only imagine the beautiful landscaping that will compliment its architecture. It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to create and work with families. Much love ❤️! . #familybuild #construction #diy #beauty&thebeast #family #belle #beast #playhouse #playground
Since Mother's Day just passed, we wanted to give a shout out to a playhouse built for my (Tyson's) mom and dad. This playhouse is well used by family, so we've nicknamed it the Cousin's Camp house. --- April Fools! Mother's Day is a ways away. But, there is always reason to celebrate our moms. --- Am I the only one who has a mom still wants me to sit on her lap when I'm 35 years old? She still kisses my whiskery cheeks and loves me endlessly. --- So, here's to moms everywhere; there doesn't need to be a special day to celebrate you. #aprilfools #mom #mothersday #playhouse #thankyou
4 years ago my Uncle Derral stumbled into my shop to pick up something from me. I had only built a few playhouses and my new venture was still in its infancy. He took one look at the playhouse I was working on in expressed his desire to make a shift in his life and to take a risk to build along side me. . Uncle D was self employed as a cabinet maker (he was one heck of a carpenter), and I thought there was no way he would ever want to work with his snot nosed little nephew. . Soon after that conversation he began working with me full time, he was employee #1. As our company grew so did the love around our shop for the man who would be affectionally known by everyone as Uncle D. He leads each one of our craftsmen and craftswomen with a robust understanding of quality. Working with this man had been one of the greatest joys I’ve experienced in my business and I couldn’t be more grateful that he works by my side to this day.
Summer is quickly arriving around here and we are dreaming about the summers night. One of our favourite things to do is to sit by the fire 🔥 pit while the kids swing, slide, climb and imagine on our play-set. It quickly became the focal of our yard, much different from the typical #playhouse that was an eye sore to the #landscaping. When I built my very first playhouse for our kids I knew that I wanted it to last and add to the overall design of my space (I was a landscaper at the time). Thank you everyone for supporting our family on this incredible journey. We hope it has brought as many smiles to your family as it has to ours.❤️ -Tyson-
I knew I wanted to find the perfect hunter green for this door that holds a window just for peeking at the cozy fireplace. A colored front door is an indication of a home ready for fun and adventure. Who wouldn’t want to open it to find out what kind of magic is inside? Photo Cred @jaimevedres Paint @benjaminmoore Hunter Green
It really is all rainbows and unicorns somedays. Our friends Tara and Carla, AKA the Fairy Sisters, work so hard to provide the most magical space for their tiny therapy clients. The Fairy Sisters own Over the Rainbow, a pediatric therapy clinic, and dreamt up this whimsical woodland where kids can forget they're working and get lost in the magic of play. With rich jewel tones and full, willow trees, this forest was given the seal of approval by its' new inhabitants. We were so honored to help bring their ideas to life. If you've ever wondered what keeps us going, it's clients like this and the thought of all the children who will be impacted by them.
Merry Christmas, from the playhouse family! We’re busy building LEGO, learning guitar, and (hopefully) sleeping today. Photo cred @jaimevedres
Nestled in the most beautiful mountain town, is our biggest treehouse to date. It’s aesthetics were inspired by a special African vacation and meant for hours of outdoor play. My favourite feature is the large windows on all four sides of the playhouse... I have never been in a room with a breathtaking view in every direction before. It was a tough goodbye but we left her in good, tiny hands ☺️. . . . . . #treehouse #treehouses #kidstreehouse #treehouselife #treehousekids #treehouseliving #beautifulbackyard #charmed #charmedplayhouses #playhouse #playhouses #kidsplayhouse #inthemountains #summerinthemountains #playoutside #goplayoutside #kidsroom #kidsdecor #kidsdesign #kidsdesigner #luxurykids #backyardbuilds #backyardfun #inyourownbackyard #getoutside #getoutsideandplay #childhoodunplugged #childrensroom #becreative #playgroundfun
Now this is going to be fun! #pirateship #playhouse #fort

"A lot of times clients come to us. They just tell us what they like. We take their ideas, we combine them and they morph into something beautiful by the time we're done," Leavitt told Huffington Post.

The luxury playhouses are completely finished inside, featuring fireplaces, chandeliers and lavish furniture. 

The only catch? Their houses average at about $40,000 in cost.

"Our entry-level one starts at $3,500 and we've done playsets up to $200,000. It really depends on what your budget is and your vision is," Charmed Playhouses told Huffington Post.

By the end of 2015, they were not only shipping playhouses throughout North America, but also started a project with Make-a-Wish Foundation to complete all of their ‘wish’ playhouse requests. They even found their niche market in catering to celebrities, and of course their kids. 

Riley Curry, daughter of Golden State Warrier MVP Stephen Curry, was one of the fairest to be charmed with a dream playhouse.

"I knew it could grow into something great and big but I didn't imagine the level of clientele I'd be working for. It's not just celebs — we've got amazing families all throughout North America and we've shipped stuff over to China which is a traveling set that goes from mall to mall to mall," Leavitt told Huffington Post.

"It's been a crazy ride."

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