Dunkin’ is now selling Munchkin donut lip balm

Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin’ Donuts) is here for all your beauty needs! The Massachusetts-based chain recently debuted a line of lip balms, and although the restaurant has surprisingly released some lip products before, this is a brand-new batch.

The product, which appears to have hit the market earlier this month, is sold as a set of two. Each of the egg-shaped lip balms are meant to look like Munchkins, and the duo of beauty products even come in a box designed to resemble the square container that Dunkin’s beloved doughnut holes are sold in. In other words, these beauty products are basically Munchkins you can’t nibble on. To that end, the packaging even states that the balms are “not to be eaten,” lest there be any confusion.

Twitter reacts to Dunkin' Donuts dropping "Donuts" from its name
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Twitter reacts to Dunkin' Donuts dropping "Donuts" from its name
Hold up, Dunkin Donuts drops the donut in their name? The real question is, do you still sell donuts though? @dunkindonuts
@AmakaUbakaTV @KrisAndersonTV Dunkin'? What is being dunked? Is it, like, the sound of one hand dunking?I agree tha… https://t.co/47p426f9jK
@BosPublicRadio Even back when Dunkin Donuts was originally called Mister Donut, it retained the “donut.” Keeping t… https://t.co/OaC634BOhd
@AmakaUbakaTV @KrisAndersonTV Smart marketing idea because they have changed the menu quite a bit, but I personally HATE it.
@AmakaUbakaTV @KrisAndersonTV Not a fan of the name change. I love their pumpkin donuts in the fall!
@AmakaUbakaTV @KrisAndersonTV They literally invented the word “Donut”. They should keep it forever.
@AmakaUbakaTV @KrisAndersonTV I prefer Dunkin Donuts. I hate them dropping the Donuts part. It's so stupid and already 30 locations 👎🏻😕

In keeping with Dunkin’s color scheme, one of the moisturizers comes in a white vessel, while the other one is in an orange and pink holder. According to Delish, the more colorful one has a “strong marshmallow-y scent,” while its colorless counterpart smells even sweeter. Per several social media posts, the set retails for $5.99, but Dunkin’ fans are already driving up the price for these interesting salves on Ebay.

Though Ben Affleck’s favorite eatery hasn’t made a formal announcement detailing the lip balm’s official debut, Dunkin’ has confirmed that the products are currently available nationwide at participating restaurants, while supplies last.

This lip balm pair is at least the second set Dunkin’ created. Another duo, designed to look like tiny coffee cups, is currently on sale via the brand’s website for $4.99.

This lip balm release comes on the heels of another doughnut-less debut: Last month, Dunkin’ unveiled sneakers it had created in honor of the 2019 Boston Marathon.

On the food front, the chain announced on Wednesday, April 24, that it will welcome the warm weather with an array of new offerings. Items on this seasonal menu include a colorful Cosmic Coolatta and coffee flavors inspired by ice cream, such as banana split and pistachio almond fudge.

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