Kate Middleton reportedly swears by this beauty product that is said to be an alternative to Botox

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Although Botox injections have been touted as a quick fix in helping reduce wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles, they can get pretty pricey. Injections usually go for several hundred dollars. However, Kate Middleton may have the secret to a cheaper, yet effective temporary solution to wrinkles.

The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly swears by a natural anti-wrinkle gel, Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel, according to The Sun.

Biotulin's site says that their Supreme Skin Gel gel contains a local anesthetic called spilanthol that produces similar results to Botox, but is applied to the skin like a lotion. It's said to work within 60 minutes and last up to 24 hours. The site also claims that unlike injections, the gel does not numb your face or restrict facial expressions. 

Other famous fans of the gel are said to be Michelle Obama, Madonna, Queen Letizia of Spain and Kim Kardashian. In 2015, Kardashian actually bought the US licensing rights for the product.

The gel, however, doesn't come without controversy. According to Doris Day, a dermatologist in New York City who spoke with Allure, there's not a lot of evidence or specific data to back up the claim that spilanthol actually acts as a muscle relaxant. Although other ingredients like blady grass and hyaluron could be moisturizing.

Still down to give it a try? You can find Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel on Amazon starting at $109. Only a small drop is required, so although the price isn't exactly cheap, the bottle should last you a while. 

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Celebrities' Weirdest Beauty Secrets
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Celebrities' Weirdest Beauty Secrets

Cate Blanchett

We’ll do whatever it takes to get a complexion as gorgeous as Cate Blanchett’s. Her method? “Olive and macadamia oils are really good for your complexion. Put one of them on in the shower and they make your skin zing,” she told the British edition of InStyle magazine. “I incorporate them into a homemade scrub with grapefruit juice and sea salt — a beauty trick taught to me by a friend of mine.”

Cameron Diaz

Cameron and makeup artist Gucci Westman go way back (“we’ve known each other for 16 years or something,” Westman says), so of course they swap tips, like this one the actress uses to fight a pimple: “She has a little lancer…you knick [the pimple] and then you apply Neosporin and Visine,” Westman explains. “It takes away the redness and the swelling.”

Demi Moore

Demi Moore looks impossibly young for her 50 years. Could this be why? In a 2008 Letterman appearance, the actress admitted to indulging in a “leech therapy” detox. “It detoxifies your blood,” she explained. “And they have a little enzyme that when they’re biting down on you, gets released into your blood and generally you bleed for quite a bit. And your health is optimized. It detoxified the blood and I’m feeling detoxified right now.”

Kate Hudson

The 40-year-old actress’ skin trick makes us shiver just thinking about it: She dunks her face in an ice bath to revive her glow. How long does she keep her face submerged in the freezing water? “It depends how badly I want it,” she told us.

Sienna Miller

Sienna is into icy facial treatments, too (maybe these ladies are onto something?). The actresscredits her good skin to London facialist Una Brennan’s method. “It’s a pretty intense experience: she uses freezing ice masks that make you feel as if your brain is going to fall out of the top of your head. You look wonderful afterwards, though.”

Salma Hayek

The 46-year-old beauty is a big believer in detoxing: “I’ve been doing juice cleanses for 15 years,” she told Us Weekly. “My skin glows when I finish day three.” In fact, she’s so obsessed with juicing that she co-founded juice cleanse delivery service CoolerCleanse in 2008.

Jessica Chastain

If a freezing facial or a multi-day juice cleanse seems too painful, maybe Jessica Chastain’s easy trick is more your speed. “An actress friend of mine shared a great trick. She told me to stick my tongue behind my teeth when I smile to keep from over-smiling. If you smile without doing it, sometimes your gums show a little too much. It’s an actor’s trick!”

Sandra Bullock

The 48-year-old actress gets her skin as smooth as a baby’s you-know-what by using Preparation H on her face. “Putting butt cream under my eyes is one of my best beauty secrets, and stops me from getting lines,” she’s said.

Emma Stone

Think all celebrities use $400 face creams? Think again. “Not to brag, but I have a lot of allergies,” Emma Stone told Style.com. “I’m seriously allergic to everything. So I just use natural grapeseed oil from the grocery store on my face as a moisturizer. After the shower, I pat it on, and then I’ll use it throughout the day and at night. I pretty much smell like grape all the time.”

Zoe Saldana

Another grocery store staple keeps Zoe Saldana’s hair impossibly shiny. “My mother was a hippie and very health conscious, so growing up, she always encouraged my sisters and I to be as natural as possible,” she told Refinery29. “Once a year, we all still get together and put mayonnaise in our hair for old times’ sake.”

Lauren Conrad

That’s not to say all celebs are low-maintenance DIY when it comes to hair. Lauren Conrad told StyleCaster her hair takes forever for her hairstylist Kristin Ess to do. “She’s fantastic, is a close friend, and is thankfully very flexible with my schedule,” LC said. “I’ll be working all week, and I’ll come in at like 7 at night. My hair takes seven hours, so sometimes we’ll order take out and drink champagne. We also like to fool around a bit, so it probably takes a lot longer than it should!” Why the epic timeframe? “Well, I usually wear extensions!”

Taylor Swift

The singer stumbled on her now-signature cat eye in a pretty peculiar way. “I was on a plane to Japan about two years ago and I had no makeup with me, so I went into the bathroom and I used a Sharpie to line my eyes,” she told Daily Makeover. “From that point on I started using liquid liner because I realized it was obviously pretty easy for me to do! I definitely don’t recommend drawing on your eyes with a Sharpie though.”


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