10 weight-loss cookbooks that will actually help you shed those pounds

Anyone who has tried to diet knows how hard it is to stick to a strict regimen. If you're like us, you're good at following a diet for a few weeks  days before your cravings kick in and all progress is lost.

Of course, the same diet isn't going to work for everyone. Everyone has different needs and different priorities. Whereas a strict detox might work for some, others might find value in a more long-term lifestyle plan that helps you eat in moderation.

Weight-loss cookbooks worth the purchase
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But no matter which diet you follow, there's one thing we can agree on: There's nothing as beneficial to your diet as an old fashioned cookbook.

Hear us out: While the internet may be a source of great information, cookbooks are much more valuable in helping you stick to your goals. These top-rated Amazon cookbooks include professional advice, chef tips and anecdotes that will take you far beyond whatever recipe you happen to be making that day. 

Scroll through above. to see which weight-loss cookbooks are worth the purchase and will help you shed those few extra pounds.

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