Chinese groom's ex-girlfriend crashes wedding in bridal dress

Justin Chan

A Chinese groom found himself saying "I don't" at his own wedding.

The unnamed man was about to kiss his bride when his ex-girlfriend interrupted what was supposed to be a monumental moment by showing up in full bridal attire, according to Asian American news outlet NextShark.

In a viral 30-second video, the ex-girlfriend latches onto the man's arm in an attempt to win him back. The groom pulls his arm away and redirects his attention to his clearly stunned bride, as his former flame kneels in tears.

The persistent ex-girlfriend then tries again by tugging at the man's jacket. The disgusted bride walks away, and the groom immediately chases after her.

Viewers were quick to comment on popular Chinese social media platform Weibo.

"A wedding gown? Really?" one user wrote. "Are you trying to star in your own TV series?"

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