Zoya's Naked Manicure kit is like a 'BB cream for your nails'

The "no makeup" makeup look is one that we’ve seen on countless runways and red carpets. It's easy to get at home with a simple, lightweight foundation and concealer. But now, if you want the same natural look for your nails, you can try a "no nail polish" polish look using the Naked Manicure Kit made by Zoya.

The kit includes a set of polishes that each help you achieve your desired nail goals, whether it be brightening, color correction, strengthening or protecting your nails. You can use one or a couple of the polishes together to achieve a beautiful, natural look. (Its strengthening powers are especially great for transitioning from a gel mani to natural nails.)

If bare-looking nails aren't your thing, but strong and smooth ones are, you can also use it to color correct your nail tone under a nude polish, create a French mani look, or use the satin seal to fill in any ridges before applying colored polish.

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Back in February at Oscar de la Renta's Fall/Winter 19 runway show, we met Miss Pop, a New York City-based editorial nail artist working for Zoya, who applied the base coat and buff perfector to models' nails. This, of course, helped smooth and protect the womens' nails, which can get painted a different color for every show.

"I like to use the Buff Perfector as a base coat when I do negative space looks. I love how it's like BB cream for nails," she later explained. "I recommend using the Naked Base, then the Buff Perfector, followed by the Glossy Seal."

The Naked Manicure Kit, which goes for only $25, includes four polishes in total. The Naked Manicure Mini Professional Kit, which costs only $10 more, includes nine polishes.

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