Couple falls in love and gets married after man donates organ to complete stranger

Phoebe Zaslav

This couple's unique love story will restore your faith in fate.

Heather Krueger was diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease in March 2014 and, as her condition worsened, she was advised by doctors to start looking for a living organ donor.

When Chris Dempsey, who happens to work with a cousin of Krueger's, got word of her predicament, he offered his help without hesitation.

"When I heard about her situation, I just put myself in that situation, thinking if this was one of my family members or me, I would want somebody to help me out,'' Dempsey told TODAY.

Despite the fact that Krueger was a total stranger to Dempsey, he went ahead and got himself tested to see if he was a match for the transplant, a serious procedure in which 55 percent of his liver would be removed for donation.

"My mom was kind of nervous at first for me," Dempsey recalled. "Some people didn't understand why I would do this for a stranger, but as time went on, people changed their tune and thought it was a cool thing I was doing."

Sure enough, Dempsey fit the requirements and the two underwent eight-hour long surgeries and a two-month recovery period together. Then, much to everyone's surprise, the two began dating.

"If wasn’t for this person, I wouldn’t have made it to Christmas," Krueger told ABC News. "[Dempsey] was a selfless and brave person who was perfectly healthy and didn’t know me before this."

The power couple was married in October 2016 and included their doctors and other medical staff in their wedding ceremony. Krueger’s cousin, who "introduced" the couple, also served as a groomsman.

"You are the most incredible man I have ever known," Krueger told Dempsey on their wedding day. "You believe in me and you make me feel amazing every single day. Because of you, I laugh, smile and I dare to dream again."

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