5 easy tips for throwing an unforgettable Easter egg hunt

One of the most fun ways to celebrate Easter is with a good, old fashioned Easter egg hunt. Kids and adults alike enjoying finding eggs filled with candy and other fun treats! However, to mix things up and make your Easter egg hunt totally unforgettable, we spoke with Dylan Lauren, CEO and Founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, to get some tips. 

Dylan Lauren's tips for a memorable Easter egg hunt
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Dylan Lauren's tips for a memorable Easter egg hunt

Keep score with color

Dylan's Candy Bar is known for being bright and colorful—from the floor to the decor to the actual candy. Keep things bright and cheery on your hunt and use the different colors strategically.

"To rainbow-ify your hunt this year, come up with a points system for mini foiled chocolate eggs that you can hide in plastic eggs. Each color has a different value (ex: gold is 1 point, blue is 2 points, pink is 3 points, etc.), and the participant with the highest score at the end is the winner. You can hide the more valuable eggs in harder-to-find places for an extra challenge — totally worth the hunt!" Lauren suggested.

Put a spin on prizes 

Chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and marshmallow Peeps are Easter staples. They'll be everywhere! So, mix things up and include prizes that aren't candy.

"I like to mix in non-edible prizes for the kids to collect (that are just as sweet!). One of the biggest hits was making coupons for family-friendly activities and meaningful experiences you can tuck into plastic eggs for the kids to redeem later. Whether it’s a coupon to have ice cream for dinner or host a slumber party for friends, the excitement from Easter will linger on," Lauren said. 

She also suggested hosting an Easter Bunny costume contest — just think of the photos and the fun!

Make sure everyone gets a prize

Sure, an Easter egg hunt is technically a competition, but you'll want to make sure that everyone has fun and leaves happy. One way you can do this is make sure there are prizes for all of the hunters. You can even get your kids in on the prize-making leading up to the big hunt!

"Whether it’s making a homemade holiday card, or something more intricate like cookie decorating and Easter egg basket making, everyone is sure to leave with a smile on their face," Lauren said.

Give the adults treats, too! 

While the kids go hunting, treat the adults to a spread of spring treats and cocktails. 

"I love making Dirt Cake with an Easter twist, and everyone goes crazy over my candy cocktails. Once the hunt is over, the young ones can join in on the snacking and enjoy an age appropriate treat by making their own version of Dylan’s Candy Bar’s Easter Peeps Shake!"


Lauren first suggests kicking off your hunt with a game of trivia so everyone understands the tradition. Most kids (and adults) don't know the origins of the classic Easter egg hunt, how bunnies got involved or why we often see the pastel color palette around Easter decor. "There are answers to all these that just might surprise you!" she said.

The exact origins of the Easter bunny are a little murky, but rabbits often represent fertility and new life, a common theme known to the spring season. But, did you know that Germans allegedly brought the tradition of the Easter bunny to Pennsylvania in the 1700s? According to History.com, the Easter bunny was actually an egg-laying hare and children would make nests for the creature to lay its eggs—not too far off from what is celebrated today.

Eventually, the eggs were filled with chocolate and other treats and the nests became baskets, which is great, because who doesn't love getting candy?

You can see the rest of Dylan's tips for throwing an unforgettable Easter egg hunt—like homemade prizes and making a points system—in the gallery above. 

Shop Easter candy from Dylan's Candy Bar in the gallery below!

Dylan's Candy Bar Easter candy
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