Lululemon launches first vest made specifically for long-distance female runners

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Whether you're a Pilates extraordinaire or serial marathoner, we can all agree that finding the right workout gear is essential to an efficient workout. We've heard it all before: Our leggings aren't breathable, our socks keep slipping, our sports bras don't offer enough support. 

Some brands may skimp on quality and design, while others will spend the time required to create a great product by investing in the research and product development their consumers need. In this particular Lululemon case, the Enlite Hydrafinnity Vest was developed over two years by the athleisure brand's design and innovation team. Its launch on Tuesday, which is the first-to-market solve of its kind, has left customers jumping (or running?) for joy due to its unique design made specifically for long-distance female runners.  

Courtesy of Lululemon

The team at Lululemon was interested in a problem that many of its consumers face: Typical running vests are no different for men and women, despite the vastly different geometry of the chest region. Thus, the Enlite Hydrafinnity Vest was born, with 3D cups for support, breathable technical fabric that "fits like second skin" and a zippered front. Plus, it's engineered with a back pocket that can hold a 1.5L water bottle for quick and easy hydration.

“The idea was to create a layering system,” said Audrey Reilly, the brand's SVP of women's design. “Women can wear a more comfortable, less constricting bra, then add on the vest before they head off for their run.” You can purchase the innovative bra here

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