6 infused water recipes to sip on this spring

It seems like the answer to every health problem is, "drink more water!". It's no lie that water is the key to achieving clear skin, weight loss, and so many other health goals that we set for ourselves. However, water is, well, water, and it can get a bit tasteless after a while. So, instead of chugging the same old agua, switch things up with these fresh and fun infused water recipes! These yummy variations of your everyday water are not only delicious and very Insta-worthy, but they add a ton of hidden health benefits you probably didn't know you could drink! Check them out below!

Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day. You can mix up drinks as the day goes on. Some drinks are a perfect way to start the morning off, while others are best to drink throughout your busy day! Drink up!

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