These are five of the coolest converted homes

It's not uncommon for old buildings to be converted into something else. Transforming one unique space into another is a favorite of architects, interior designers and designers alike. It gives them the opportunity to preserve the structures character and history while giving it it's own new, unique flair. Take a look at our top five spaces that have been creatively converted into homes. 

1. This secret Cold War bunker was originally built to withstand a nuclear war. The five-bedroom London bunker is the perfect combination of luxury and history. This bomb shelter was built by the government in the early 1950's as a place to run the country incase there was ever a nuclear war. It was never needed and was subsequently neglected for years before turning into a luxurious home with a beautiful glass ceiling and indoor pool.

2. Dutch architects transformed this old Catholic church into a modern and spacious home. Since 1991, there were no longer services in the church and up until 2007, the church was used as a showroom for antique furniture. Now, it has beautiful stained glass windows that reflect off the walls and offers plenty of space for large gatherings.

School bus converted into awesome tiny home
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School bus converted into awesome tiny home

3. Back in the late 1800s, a water tower was built on Sandringham Estate, which was Queen Victoria's summer retreat destination. The water tower has since been converted into a two bedroom home that visitors can pay to stay in for a weekend retreat.

4. This converted firehouse was once the home of Engine Co. 256 in Brooklyn, and has also been a bomb shelter and production studio for Spike Lee. The two bedroom home comes with a skinny kitchen and a beautiful rooftop deck. 

5. A train that used to run through Essex, Montana in 1941 was converted into a special room at Izaak Walton Inn. The little red caboose can host four people, and is the perfect stay for any train enthusiast. 

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