How to protect your engagement ring when you work out

Whether you're a seasoned gym rat or you've been upping your workouts leading up to your wedding day, you might want to consider taking off your engagement ring while you're there.

During physical activity, rings can get scratched or worse, bent. Metals like platinum and gold are relatively soft. So say you knock it on a dumbbell one too many times — if the ring gets bent enough, you run the risk of knocking your diamond out of its setting. Not only that, but a ring could affect your grip when weight lifting, bruise your fingers or even scratch you.

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However, where and how to store your ring when working out can be another issue. If it feels risky to leave it in the car or in a locker, there are other options. Take the RingHero wristband, a small sweatband that has a pouch for with a zipper for tucking away jewels, or consider wearing a silicone ring cover.

You can shop some of our favorite options for keeping your engagement and wedding rings safe while working out below.

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