The insane amount of money Meghan Markle spends on clothes Editors
The insane amount of money Meghan Markle spends on clothes

Meghan Markle established herself as a fashion icon well before becoming royal. But today, as the Duchess of Sussex, she's has been spotted wearing a range of designs from affordable brands like H&M and J.Crew to Victoria Beckham to straight-off-the-runway Carolina Herrera and Erdem. All of these looks, of course, come at a pretty hefty price.

Christine Ross is co-editor of Meghan's Mirror, a site that reveals what the duchess is wearing and where to buy her clothes. According to the Daily Express, she recently added everything up and estimated that the duchess' wardrobe comes in at nearly £500,000 a year. In US dollars, that's around $658,950.

Most pieces donned by Meghan run for around $400, but Ross added that many of Duchess Meghan's pieces are custom, so it's hard to know the full amount spent.

The royals are generally wealthy, but where the money comes from to pay for such a wardrobe is often in question. According to People, royals cannot accept any free clothing. Stylists will often call in many designer options, but the one they choose is paid for. Meghan's clothing budget for official royal outings comes from the money Prince Charles gives to his son Prince Harry from his Duchy of Cornwall income.

Like anyone in the public eye, Meghan's style isn't always applauded, but when it is, brands often reap the benefits.

“The Meghan effect is this economic phenomenon similar to the Kate effect — where if she wears it, it turns to gold," Ross told Daily Express.

You can shop some of Megan's royal looks from 2019 in the gallery above.