Your March 2019 horoscopes

March would like a word with us. We’re not in trouble, per se, but the month has a lot of notes and constructive feedback. It will be our challenge to take it all under advisement and not feel personally attacked. Lucky, with Aries season premiering on the 20th, our collective ability to emotionally rebound will skyrocket. But it will coincide with a tricky full moon in Libra—the Worm Moon—that may strain our dearest relationships and make us question everything. In a word: Yikes.

March 2019 horoscopes
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March 2019 horoscopes
Pisces (Feb 19- March 20) 

Mercury is in your sign as it goes retrograde, which may cause you to reevaluate your most demanding and committed relationships. This likely will not manifest in any issues between you, but it will be a fertile time for you to think by yourself. When the new moon strikes on the 6th, ask for space or take a little solo trip. You’ll come back with a lot of clarity, even if you’ve decided to keep everyone you love right where they are. 

The beginning of spring and the Worm Moon on the 20th may bring big headaches around the subject of debts and finances. Because of Mercury retrograde, the best way to mitigate this stress is to do your homework. Get nerdy about the best strategies for paying down what you owe and sorting out “good versus bad” debt. It seems counterintuitive, but that’s only because we haven’t looked it up yet!

Aries (March 21- April 19)  

The messiness of Mercury going retrograde strikes you where you’re most sensitive and vulnerable (ouch). You may have a harder time listening to your gut warning you not to take on those extra hours at work or let your kid borrow your car for spring break. Your unconscious mind may feel bifurcated—pay attention to your dreams this month—and you’d be wise to delay any big decisions, if possible. The new moon on the 6th is a pristine opportunity to focus on health and solo activities, especially physical ones like massage, yoga or acupuncture.

Then comes Aries season and the Worm Moon, all at once on the 20th. This is supposed to be your moment, but the moon is going to shake your partnership by the shoulders. This conflict may be less about marital problems (phew) and instead bring up issues with enemies (or frenemies), business partners or people you’re making money with. The stakes will feel incredibly high, and it may seem like they are untrustworthy or simply not pulling their weight. Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen, but if you don’t break up (unfortunately a possibility), the strain will require you to take a breather. Once you do, though, you’ll be stronger going into Q2.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)  

Expect drama. That sounds dramatic, but it’s important to be prepared. Mercury is retrograding all month in your house of friendship, groups and associations, and you may feel totally out of sorts in your usual circles. Jealousy? Misunderstandings? Lack of chemistry? Typos that carry consequences? These not-so-funny hijinks and more can manifest during this period. Use the new moon on the 6th to select whom and what you will give energy to (hint: not everyone and everything), and use your famous peacemaking (or placating) skills to keep everything copacetic until the 28th.

The Worm Moon and the advent of spring on the 20th might run you down, Taurus. If you get headaches or experience chronic pain, go easy on yourself, as your body itself is the site of this lunation. If you stubbed your toe a week ago and are still limping around, you’re going to have to take that seriously. If it’s infected, the full moon will let you know. (But also ask a doctor.)

Gemini (May 21 - June 20) 

Your career is caught in the crosshairs of Mercury’s caprices, and he could trip you up just as you were about to leapfrog to fame. Try to keep in mind that Mercury isn’t cruel, just a rascal, so look forward to nomination forms being filled out wrong and internet connections operating at the speed of dial-up. The new moon on the 6th is an opportunity for introspection, asking yourself the tough questions, like, “Do I just want this right now? Will I still want this ten years from now?” and “Shouldn’t I be sleeping in?” The answer to both might be yes.

The Worm Moon on the 20th may hammer home a point of tension in your relationship. If you’re dating and either of you is not super happy about the direction of things—even on an unconscious level—that will rear its ugly head. Maybe one of you really wants to get married and the other is neutral, in which case…you may have a longer-term problem on your hands. Plan to revisit the conversation after the 28th, when Mercury goes direct.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22) 

They say you can never go home again, but when Mercury goes retrograde, your nostalgia (which is already at pretty healthy levels) may get kicked into high gear. Lean into it, and maybe even trace your steps on a vacation you loved. Go to Disney World and collect every autograph. Visit your favorite teacher from high school or college and see how you feel being back in that space. You’ve come a long way, but are you really so different? The new moon on the 6th will help you celebrate the child you still are inside.

On the 20th, the Worm Moon will bring home some issues with your, well, home. Maybe your rent or your taxes go up, or your dream house is off the market before you had a chance to make an offer. Given that Mercury is in retrograde and opposing this moon, it’s very likely that this setback is for the best. That property may have had a lien on it, or maybe it was riddled with bed bugs. This full moon may teach you tough love, but at least you get to avoid the bugs.

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)  

Any resources you share with a partner may see some volatility, Leo. Mercury is retrograde in that part of your chart, perhaps leading to some unpleasant money misunderstandings or uncertainty. If a raise or a new piece of business is up in the air, you might feel frustrated and powerless—an especially terrible experience for a Leo. Use the new moon on the 6th to bone up on investing and personal finance, which will help you seize back the reins to your financial future in any event.

Then on the 20th, Aries season begins with the Worm Moon in Libra, inspiring those annoying arguments over rhetorical nuances like whether pescatarian counts as a subset of vegetarianism or not (the answer: who cares?). But unfortunately, with this lunation, egos are involved, and you will care. And maybe you lose by playing, but when has that ever stopped you, Leo? Great news! You find out the real winner of the argument after Mercury stations direct on the 28th. (Hint: It’ll be everyone, because by then you won’t care.)

Virgo (August 23 - Sept 22)  

Now is not the time for big commitments, Virgo. If you have to sign something, wait until next month. With Mercury retrograding in your house of committed partnerships, the stars are telling you to hold your horses. The new moon on the 6th may make you feel hopeful about someone or a joint venture, but don’t pull the trigger just yet. Keep the conversation going, but don’t make moves until after the 28th, when Mercury is back in the saddle.

The Worm Moon on the 20th may clear up a lingering money issue that was weighing heavily on you. Once you’ve gotten your answer, whether it’s about a change in your income or an expense you didn’t account for, you’ll be able to see your entire financial picture with greater clarity. After the 28th, you’ll be able to redraw a budget that lets you be optimistic and practical.

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 21) 

Screwball comedies are fun when they are anywhere but work. Unfortunately, Mercury is bringing his act right to your office or place of business, and it’s not going to be the madcap good time everyone was promised. The way to stay sane amid the inevitable zany misunderstandings is to stay pragmatic. The new moon on the 6th will help you focus on rugged practicality and keep you from being completely distracted by the clowns around you.

Can a Libra get a little help here? The Worm Moon on the 20th might make you feel like everyone is useless, and even if it weren’t a tense lunar event, it is Aries season, so that makes sense. You’re not necessarily as alone as you feel, but the answer to your question about help might be…no. But that’s only because you actually don’t need it. Or at least, that’s the moon’s opinion.

Scorpio (Oct 22 - Nov 21) 

As Mercury starts to move backward, you may become susceptible to magical thinking, unrealistic hopes and external reassurances when it comes to romance or your children. Leverage the strength of the new moon on the 6th to resist the temptation to wear rosy glasses. If your partner says they were listening when it’s obvious they were distracted by video games, call them out. Do the same with your kids. (They are equally guilty of this, if not more so.)

The Worm Moon on the 20th will activate your meditative self. It’s the first day of spring, and all the energy of Aries season will be poured into your mind. That doesn’t mean you’ll be a complete shut-in—in fact, you may feel more inclined to ask for help and make connections around issues of recovery, grief or addiction. For you, self-care will be all the more effective if you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)  

When Mercury goes retrograde, he’s coming for your home, Sagittarius. Expect to misplace items or suddenly need to repair more than one appliance. The new moon on the 6th is a perfect opportunity to find sanctuary within the hurricane that is now your home. Take the extra time to fold every sock and make sure you’re not cramming too much laundry in every load. If you go easy on your environment, it’ll go easy on you.

You’ll want to bite your tongue during the Worm Moon, Sagittarius—especially as it’s Aries season, which invigorates everyone’s aggressive tendencies a little. For you, this moon may strike discord among your group of friends, and you may wind up without allies arguing for a point you barely believe in simply because you got carried away. It happens. Practice swallowing your pride or distract them with a joke—those are probably your best options. You can pick up the argument after the 28th; by then you’ve likely decided to switch allegiance to the other side.

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19) 

It can be hard to use your words, Capricorn (you’re a sign of action and an introvert). But with Mercury going retrograde in your house of thinking and communication, you may find yourself quite tongue-tied. The public is not pressing you for a statement at the moment—not at least until the 28th, when Mercury goes direct—so let your opinions and decisions be in flux for now. You may change your mind all month, only to return to your original position, but with more conviction.

The Worm Moon on the 20th brings a major career question to a head. Did you get that life-changing part? Will you move onto the next round in an interview? Did that prospective client actually sign the contract? Did you get the guts to quit? With this moon, the news may not be what you hoped for, or it may come with unforeseen strings and caveats. The way out of this one is to be thoughtful and methodical in dealing with anyone who outranks you. Your diligence will come through, and you’ll neutralize any threat you pose of stealing their job. Even if that is in your five-year plan.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18) 

Money is on your mind this month, and you may want to advocate for a raise. However, because Mercury is in retrograde, you may want to postpone the official conversation until after the 28th. But you can use the new moon energy on the 6th to plant seeds. Go out of your way to make your bosses look good, and they will remember you kindly (read: pay you more) later in the month.

The Worm Moon and Aries season may make you cranky that you’re not already on vacation. If you wisely planned ahead, you may be able to escape the crushing stress of this lunation by reading a novel and sipping a celery juice in Turks and Caicos. However, if you have not treated yourself to some rest and relaxation, let this moon inspire you to plan that trip. Do the annoying research to look up the flights, hotels, tours, etc.—but don’t buy anything just yet. Wait until April, when Mercury is safely out of retrograde, to make those plans solid. But either way, you’ll have something to look forward to soon...

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.


Meanwhile, Mercury will go retrograde from the 5th to the 28th. We know this drill by now—avoid buying electronics, expect delays everywhere you go and always check to make sure you’re texting the right person with the right gossip. But with the planet of communication in dreamy Pisces all month, we’ll need to engage our intuition as well as our intelligence to sort fact from fiction.

The very next day, we have Uranus, ruler of innovation, entering Taurus, the sign of stability and conventionality. It’s an odd couple, but they are sticking together until April 26, 2026, so this is our new normal. Luckily, this move happens alongside a benevolent new moon in Pisces, which is our opportunity to wish for a brighter and smoother transition. We better take it.


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Your zodiac sign as royals
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Your zodiac sign as royals

(Actual sign: Virgo)

Aries are the babies of the zodiac, so we’re opening with the O.G. of the next royal generation: Prince George. Aries energy is all about vitality and attention-grabbing spunk—which we've witnessed time and time again. And this little one has shown an early aptitude for serving face to the camera. May his tiny reign continue!


(Actual sign: Taurus)

It may seem like cheating to give the queen her own sign, but that’s how well she represents for the bulls. Her decision to wear white at her wedding 71 years ago literally changed how brides around the world dressed…forever. There are no trends with this queen, nothing fleeting about her, and so it is with the zodiac’s most stubborn denizens. Long live the Taurus.


(Actual signs: Leo and Aries, respectively)

These two are always seen together, usually in the most devastatingly cool fascinators. Geminis tend toward the unconventional, and these two like to make a splash wherever they go. They may not be literal twins, but they are a well-known duo, thus securing their Gemini bonafide status.


(Actual sign: Scorpio)

Cancers are deeply private people who can be quite protective of their innermost thoughts and desires. Prince Charles never took to the public eye in the same way Diana did, and he exudes that “stiff upper lip” quality perhaps more than any other royal—even when his personal affairs became headline news. Cancers have the softest and most sensitive hearts, so they guard them with the hardest shells. Just because we’ll never see Charles crack that impeccable composure doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel his feelings on the deepest levels.


(Actual Sign: Virgo)

Leos are the scene-stealers of the zodiac, and in 2011, there was no greater scene stolen than the royal wedding of Kate and William by Pippa Middleton. As maid of honor, she performed her role with a level of sparkle and polish—and an impressively toned body—that turned heads permanently in her direction. That effortless glow is as natural to a Leo as waking up with bedhead and smeared eyeliner is for, well, the rest of us.


(Actual sign: Gemini)

Virgos and Tauruses are a famously compatible match, and he and Elizabeth have endured for decades. Unlike Tauruses, who tend to bring the gravitas in a couple, Virgos usually don’t mind taking a backseat, preferring to serve dutifully behind the scenes. Virgo energy is all about supporting the greater good or, in this case, representing a union as strong as the U.K. itself.


(Actual sign: Capricorn)

Kate Middleton is the model of uncontroversial glamour. Libras are the zodiac’s crowd-pleasers, and in her role as duchess (and eventual princess), Kate has managed to satisfy the public’s desire for modernity in its royal family while clearing every bar of propriety set by Buckingham Palace. Plus, her collection of coat dresses is truly without peer, a style credit that nods to the Venus influence of Libra.


(Actual sign: Cancer)

The essence of Scorpio is longevity, and they tend to outlast their critics through sheer determination. While Camilla Parker Bowles began her royal tenure entangled in scandal, her marriage to Prince Charles has long outlived its controversy, and her place in the crown is secure. A Scorpio can start at the bottom (like fellow scorpion Drake says) and build their way to the top, and Camilla is sitting pretty in the castle she built (so to speak).


(Actual sign: Virgo)

While every British royal travels the world, Prince Harry has a special affinity for spending time abroad. Such global wanderlust is characteristic of the Sagittarius, who loves to roam the world and explore other cultures. And because he’s not the crown prince, he’s able to exude a more relaxed royal vibe (and wait as long as he wanted to before getting married), à la the free-spirit centaur.


(Actual sign: Cancer)

Capricorns are everything you could ask for in a royal: composed, dutiful, respectful of tradition and talented at managing fame (they were all born with an instinct for exactly how long to stand and wave). Prince William is good at his job, and has struck a remarkable balance between upholding the dignity of his position and sharing his warmth and sensitivity with the public in a controlled way. In other words, he’s a royal you trust as a figurehead and a family man, which is so Capricorn.


(Actual sign: Leo)

Meghan has staged no revolutions, and yet her feminist activism and (relatively!) daring sartorial choices have made her an iconoclast among the royals (the power suits are to die for, and not in a beheading way). Aquarius is the sign of individuality and politics, and Markle is bringing originality and grace to her post as the Duchess of Sussex.


(Actual sign: Cancer)

No royal has been more mythologized in our time than Princess Diana. Pisces is the sign of dreams and figurative logic, the meaning beyond the literal. In life and death alike, Diana captured the public’s fascination as a symbol of bittersweet glamour. She was living a princess fantasy but remained vulnerable, sympathetic and complex. Pisces energy dissolves barriers, as their empathetic talents allow them to touch even the coldest hearts. And while Di was polarizing within the House of Windsor, she captivated the rest of the world.


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