This is the easiest way to upgrade your bedroom

When it comes to bedroom essentials, the first thing that comes to mind as a must-have basic is a bed, obviously, but more so a great mattress. Mattresses truly make or break a good night's sleep, so finding one that suits you is critical -- after all, not sleeping well can lead to health issues down the line.

So with that in mind, let us introduce you to the hottest thing to hit the mattress world -- hybrid mattresses. While the word "hybrid" may make you think of environmentally-friendly cars, these types of mattresses combine several types of materials -- think memory foam, coils, and more -- to get you the best night's sleep possible.

One of our absolute favorite hybrid options comes from chic home brand Allswell. Starting at just $245, their new hybrid mattress, aptly named The Allswell, "features Hybrid technology, three types of performance memory foam, added edge support and individually-wrapped coils – all combining to create a mattress that pairs the supportive benefits of memory foam with the classic feel of coils." If that doesn't sound like sleeping on cloud nine, then we don't know what does.

Shop The Allswell and six other hybrid mattresses that won't break the bank below!