Prince Harry asks Meghan Markle if the royal baby is his while in Morocco

Prince Harry has started his preparation for fatherhood as he made a very dad-like joke on an official trip to Morocco on Sunday, asking Meghan Markle if he is the father of the couple's upcoming baby.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were on a three-day visit to a school in the town of Asni to support girls' education when they were congratulated on their pregnancy.

As captured on BBC footage of the trip, Harry turned to Markle and responded with an informal joke: "What? You're pregnant?"

The duchess jokingly responded, "Surprise!" as she and other members of the charity, Education for All, laughed along.

But Harry wasn't done. He followed up with, "Is it mine?" which drew more laughter from Markle.

The couple, who married in May, are expecting their first child this spring.

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