People are going absolutely wild over this $90 jacket on Amazon


The Canada Goose parka has been the gold standard when it comes to winter coats. But with a hefty $800 price tag, the stylish parkas made with duck-down insulation are not the most budget-friendly option for most. However, that's all about to change.

A jacket similar to Canada Goose's is selling for $89.99 on Amazon and is garnering thousands of rave reviews. According to New York Magazine's The Strategist, the jacket is popping up all over New York City's ritzy Upper East Side neighborhood.

"I first saw it on one of my mom friends," Ana Maria Pimentel, fashion director at Neiman Marcus told The Strategist. "She said, oh it's an Amazon coat. I bought it. Two weeks later, I went to a SoulCycle on 83rd and I was one of four people wearing it. And I think one of them was [socialite and creative consultant] Lauren DuPont."

The viral jacket is made by a Chinese company called Orolay -- and its jackets contain 90% duck-down filling, which is the same amount you'd find in Canada Goose's $800 parkas. However, the quality of the duck-down filling may be different.

If you don't believe all the hype, check out these Amazon reviews:

"I absolutely LOVE this jacket," one customer wrote. "Initially I was a bit skeptical but after reading other reviews I decided to purchase. I currently live in an area where the temperature reaches to the single digits/below zero and so far this jacket has kept me extremely warm and comfortable."

Another shopper shared: "I live upstate NY it is colder here. I am wearing it now with the cold weather. Love the coat. Best buy ever for a coat."

So if you can't fathom shelling out $800 for one of Canada Goose's parkas, this Amazon dupe is calling your name! Purchase the jacket here before it sells out: