Real Life Love: This couple believes God brought them together

Welcome to Real Life Love, a video series that shares the love stories of five different couples, including how they met, when they knew they found "the one" and how their relationships have stood the test of time.

Sana and Joshua Cotten are married with two children, but their love story is anything but ordinary. 

The day before they met, Sana remembered praying to God to send her a husband. Then, she went to the church and saw Joshua. "I looked at my cousin and I said, 'I'm gonna marry him,'" she said. The couple began dating soon after. 

Shortly before getting engaged, Joshua took Sana to meet his grandmother. However, his grandmother looked at them and recalled meeting her grandson's girlfriend before — she promptly pulled out a photo of Sana and her brother as children. Indeed, they had. The grandmother was friends with Sana's foster parents. 

"God definitely brought us together," Sana said in the video. "For God to kinda like bring it all back here, for me, I knew it was God," Joshua agreed. 

Watch the video above for their full story in today's episode of Real Life Love, and make sure to check out the last episode here

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