Magnum releases its first vegan ice cream bars in the U.S.

Cracking the shell of a Magnum ice cream bar is deliciously satisfying, and now vegans and non-dairy eaters can have a taste too.

Magnum announced on Tuesday, February 5th that it's launching new non-dairy frozen dessert bars in the United States. While the bars have previously been sold in other parts of the world, this is the brand's first non-dairy launch in the U.S.

The dessert bars come in two iconic flavors —classic and almond —and are certified vegan. The classic flavor features a non-dairy Belgian chocolate shell and a smooth vanilla base made from coconut oil and pea protein (a popular plant-based dairy-alternative). The almond version features almond pieces mixed into the shell.

Magnum Non-Dairy bars are now available in grocery stores nationwide and retail between $4.99 to $5.49. 

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