Ariana Grande's trainer reveals his must-haves for a successful at-home workout

Setting New Year's resolutions is hard -- but sticking to them is even harder. 

And while a gym membership can be the key to keeping those goals in check for some people, it's not for everyone.

According to fitness expert Harley Pasternak, there are plenty of ways to maintain those fitness resolutions, without even leaving the house. All you need are three things to get your sweat on, plus a little motivation. Having mo time, however, is *not* an excuse. 

"If you don’t have a lot of time to workout, don’t stress. Fast at-home workouts can be done to keep you moving, and they’re increasing in popularity," explained Pasternak."

As found in a recent Marshalls survey, 7 in 10 women workout from home every month and 87 percent of women would work out at home more often, compared to at the gym, if they had all the right exercise equipment to keep them going. ​

"Remember, as little as 5 minutes a day of resistance exercise, can change the way you feel and look!" he continued.

We chatted with the trainer to the stars (whose clients include the likes of Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ariana Grande) about the most efficient ways to get in an at-home workout and hold yourself accountable as reality kicks in. Here's what he said. 

1. What are some essentials for a productive at-home workout? 

  1. Exercise Balls: I love exercise balls for achieving a total body workout at home. They are great for strengthening and stretching your body while improving balance. I keep one in my living room and bedroom so I can catch up on my favorite TV show while working on my posture and core strength.
  2. Resistance Bands: Working out with resistance bands are very effective and can easily be used at home. Unlike lifting heavy weights, resistance bands can be safely used on your own while working nearly every muscle in your body. Marshalls is my go-to for fitness gear at amazing prices. ​
  3. Jump Rope: According to a recent Marshalls survey, 95 percent of American women multitask when exercising at home, such as cooking a meal. I love that I can get in a great cardio workout like jumping rope for 15 minutes, all while our vegetables bake in the oven.  

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Exercises for Slimmer Thighs
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Exercises for Slimmer Thighs

High Knees are a plyometric drill.

1. Start standing with the arms extending out straight in front of the body.
2. Keeping your arms parallel with the floor bring one knee at a time to reach the hand.
3. Tap right knee to hand then left knee to hand.
4. Breathe deep!

Administer high knees for one full minute. You will feel your heart rate increase!

Forward lunges target the quads, glutes and thighs.

1. Start standing with your feet together.
2. Next, step about 3-4 feet forward with the right leg.
3. As you lunge forward, bend the back (left) leg deep so that it hovers off of the ground 2-3 inches. (Don't let your knee move past your ankle, keeping it straight over your heel.)
4. Bring the left foot to meet the right.
5. Alternate lunging forward with the left then right leg for two minutes.

Note: To make forward lunges more intense, hold a pair of 4-15 lb weights, depending on your fitness level.

1. Begin this plyometric exercise by standing behind a curb or platform that is slightly raised.
2. Tap one foot on the curb then switch to the opposite foot. Make sure to jump as you tap your foot so you can increase your heart rate.  
3. Keep tapping and jumping for one minute.

Leg lifts are a strength-training exercise.

1. Start standing with the feet together. Keeping the spine long, raise the right leg straight out in front of the body.
2.  the leg out in front for 15 seconds while contracting the abdominals. 
3. Make sure to engage the entire leg before returning to standing position.
4. Repeat, lifting the right leg four times.
5. Switch to the left leg, holding 15 seconds each time (4 times).

Jump squats are an explosive plyometric drill.

1. Start with the feet a tiny bit wider than shoulder width. Bend the knees and drop the butt to a squat position. Stick your butt out and raise your chest slightly.  
2. Keep your weight in the heels, with your knees over the ankles.
3. From the squat position explode up and jump as high as you can.
4. Use your arms to help you jump high by swinging them forward and above the head.
5. Land in a squat position.

Continue for two minutes. Breathe...your heart will pump fast during this explosive drill!

The modern Heisman is a plyometric, fast-moving drill.

1. Start standing with the feet together. Step the right foot out to the right, left foot meets the right, then again the right foot moves to the right, and then the left knee contracts to the chest. Bring that knee up high!
2. After contracting the knee to the chest continue to the left.
3. Left foot steps to the right, right foot meets the left, then again the left foot moves to the left, then the right knee contracts.

Move quickly and with agility. Continue for 2 minutes.

Curtsy lunge is a strength-training exercise for the thighs and glutes.

1. Start with the left toes slightly angled out to the left. Bring the right leg behind the left while bending both knees.
2. Make sure to step the right leg behind the left, but towards the left of the body about 3 feet.
3. Bring both legs and feet back together.
4. Repeat the left side for 1 minute.
5. Then alternate to lead with the right leg.

Kettle bell squats are a strength-training, muscle-toning exercise. You will need a kettle bell or heavy weight (12-25 lbs depending on your fitness level).

1. Begin with your feet wider than shoulder width's distance. Hold the kettle bell or heavy weight with both hands.
Start with bent knees, hinging forward from the hip just slightly, holding the weight.
2. As you swing the weight from underneath your legs up squeeze your glute muscles.

Make certain that you control the swinging motion of the weight using the strength in your legs and shoulders. Continue this exercise for 1 minute.

Interval sprints are high-intensity cardio. Move as fast as you can!

1. Sprint with a long stride for 30 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds. Repeat sprints for a total of 5-6 minutes. Make sure to pump your arms forward and keep them tucked close to the slide of the body while sprinting. Use the power in your quads and glutes to propel you forward.

As you become more conditioned with your endurance and cardio you may increase the sprints to 45 seconds up to 1 minute.

Plié squats target the inner thighs and glute muscles.

1. Begin standing with the feet much wider than shoulder width's distance. Slowly bend the knees and drop the butt low. Your goal should be to bend your knees 90 degrees, keeping the knees over the ankles.
2. Engage the core and contract the glute muscles as you stand back up.
3. Perform this exercise for 2 minutes with a 30-second hold at the bottom of the squat at the 1 1/2 minute mark.

To intensify plié squats hold weights in front of the body (8-15 lbs depending on your fitness level).


2. How can we change up our diet as well? 

It’s important to eat healthy, including the right balance of protein, fiber and healthy fats. I find that a lot of people don’t eat enough protein or fiber, so a quality protein powder or fiber supplement may be a good add for them. Marshalls is a great destination to pick up protein powder at amazing prices. I always end up getting a few healthy snacks to keep in my gym bag, like almonds and energy bars.​

3. What are some ways to stay motivated? 

When you’re moving and sweating, having the right activewear is crucial. A recent Marshalls survey found that 8 in 10 women are motivated to put more effort into working out after they get new exercise clothing or footwear. Marshalls has a great selection of sweat-wicking activewear and running shoes from quality brands plus a fresh mix of styles and trends. Treat yourself and stay motivated for the new year and beyond. 

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