Grandma has dramatic reaction to trying fast food for the first time

Eva McCarthy decided to introduce her grandma, Margaret, to some of her favorite fast foods -- and her hilarious reactions have gone viral.

"My granny was brought up on a strict diet of potatoes, meat and vegetables," Eva told the Daily Mail

"That got me thinking that there is no reason for her not to try these foods in her lifetime so I decided to introduce her to all my go-to favorite fast foods."

Eva started the experiment by presenting her 83-year-old grandmother with a Happy Meal, something that was completely foreign to the sweet Irish woman. She pulls out chicken nuggets, fries, and a sweet and sour sauce that Margaret immediately grimaces at, "Oh I wouldn’t touch that!"

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Her face after the first bite reveals the sauce wasn't for her. But after a few more bites, she decides the nuggets aren't that bad.   

Next, she tries the milkshake and is equally unimpressed. "I’ll be poisoned," she said. After a small sip, she makes a disgusted face, which was a surprise to her granddaughter who says she normally likes dessert.

Then she bites into the hamburger, admitting that she will probably "get sick now." After a few tastes of the fries, she admits that she would never eat that meal again. 

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Hoping to find something she likes, Eva pulls out a pizza, which Margaret admits she has seen but never tried. Though she was a bit confused as to how to eat it, and tries to break it up at first, she eventually takes a bite and proclaims that she likes it. 

Lastly, she tries a fast food cookie, which soon becomes the favorite of the day. 

Though it was a bit of a flop, Eva’s face throughout the clip says it all. "This is a light-hearted video we did for fun, and we both really enjoyed making together!" 

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