What your dentist really thinks about at-home whitening kits


Who doesn’t want a smile full of pearly whites? But lately, your morning coffee (and evening wine) habit has left those chompers looking kind of dull. Could an at-home whitening kit restore their sparkle?

“DIY whitening kits are generally useless,” says Beverly Hills, California, dentist Dr. Matt Nejad. “The only one I would use is Crest Whitestrips, but even that has limitations, such as difficulty whitening between the teeth, which can result in dark stains remaining in that area.”

Not only that, but going the DIY route could also do some serious damage. “Bleaching your teeth with over-the-counter products can lead to thinning enamel, gum irritation and recession, and sensitive teeth,” Dr. Steven Davidowitz tells us.

For a mouth full of pearly whites, make an appointment with your dentist instead.

For reasons on why your gums might bleed when you brush your teeth, see your dentist and the slideshow below.