The 3 best essential oil diffusers on Amazon


Between the blistering cold and dry indoor heat, it seems as if no amount of moisturizer can save our skin from winter. But our latest obsession actually really helps alleviate some of that dryness while also infusing the air with calming essential oils. Here are three essential oil diffusers worth Amazon Priming to your home (or office) before winter gets the best of your skin.


The Facts:

  • Both high and low mist settings

  • Choose from seven different color lights

  • Four timer settings from one to six hours

Candles are great, but our office would argue that essential oil diffusers are better. Especially associate managing editor, Rachel, who is hooked on the two she has at home. "For a diffuser that costs under $25, this one works really well and is easy to use and clean. It's barely audible when it's on, and I love that it has four different timer settings so I can go to sleep with it on and not worry about it." Buy it ($23)


The Facts:

  • Features seven color-changing lamps

  • Automatically shuts off when water is gone

  • Up to six hours of continuous steam

Want to try a diffuser but don’t know if you can cheat on your candle obsession? This diffuser is the perfect trial run. Cased in high quality plastic (sans harmful chemicals), it omits soothing light and converts essential oils and water into a vapor that fills any room with your scent of choice. Oh, and did we mention it has over 28,000 positive reviews on Amazon? Yes, way. Buy it ($18)


The Facts:

  • Designed out of the highest quality porcelain

  • Three-hour continuous or seven-hour interval settings

  • Uses ultrasonic vibrations instead of heat to keep essential oils in full integrity

For those who want an essential oil diffuser that doesn’t look like a diffuser, this chic ceramic porcelain version is basically a work of art. It’s hand-milled to help diffuse essential oils into any environment while also fitting in seamlessly with your minimalist aesthetic. But it’s more than just a pretty face—it runs for hours and turns off automatically when the timer is up or when the water runs out, so you can diffuse as much as you want without a second thought. The brand also makes their own pure essential oils to pair it with, ensuring you get the most out of your diffuser. Buy it ($119)

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