Kylie Cosmetics is having a huge end of the year makeup sale


Kylie Cosmetics launched nearly two years ago with the famous Lip Kit and since, the brand has expanded to eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, blush, lip gloss, lip stick, brushes and more. It's a full makeup empire (hence why Kylie Jenner is now set to be one of the youngest self-made billionaires).

And, it's not just any cheap makeup with Kylie's name slapped on — it's actually good stuff! The Lip Kits have some real staying power (I once accidentally fell asleep with one on and woke up with zero smudges).

Now, whether you're a loyal Kylie Cosmetics fan or just curious to try it out, you're in luck. Kylie Cosmetics is currently having their end of the year sale, with products up to 40 percent off! If you spend over $100, you'll get a free Kylie makeup bag.

The sale, which goes until December 28th, includes many items from her Halloween line (dark metallic lip sticks and glitter eyeshadows), some tried and true Lip Kit shades, Kylie's 21st birthday mini lip kit set, Kylighters and brushes.

You can shop some of our favorite products in the sale below and shop the whole sale here.