The shocking cost of getting a babysitter on New Year's Eve

Having kids is all fun and games until you decide you want to go for New Year’s Eve and leave the kids at home ...

An already pricey night just got REAL expensive cause those kids can’t watch themselves.

According to Urbansitter, the average cost of hiring a babysitter is about 15 dollars an hour for one kid, on New Years, you can spend upwards of 18 per hour and well over 20 for two kids.

At those rates, the babysitter can buy their own pizza!

Of course, you will want to ring in the new year at midnight, which means you are looking at around 5 hours worth of fees, at which point you are out 200 bucks before you even buy dinner.

Maybe the sitter has a dress you can borrow so you can save money on buying a new outfit.

Even though the price is high, it might be worth it if you want to ring in the new year at a party just like the cool kids...

Unlike those cool kids, you will not be sleeping in the next morning, but you will have the genuine love of actual kids, and the memory of a fun night out which is priceless.