The one Christmas tradition we're stealing from Joanna Gaines

When it comes to the holiday season, everyone brings their own traditions to the table. And when it comes to holiday decor, we’re always ready for a new idea…especially if it’s from Joanna Gaines. The former Fixer Upper designer just shared a family Christmas tradition on her blog that’s easy enough for anyone to copy at home.

Each year, she gives Chip and their kids a new ornament for their tree. And according to Joanna, she actually got the idea from her mother-in-law. (Can you believe?) She wrote, “Chip’s mom started a fun tradition when we first got married, where she would give all of us an ornament at Thanksgiving. I loved it so much that I started something similar. Every holiday season, I get Chip and the kids an ornament that goes along with a memory from that year. I write their name and the date on the bottom, so as they get older, each one of them has a little collection that’s all their own.”

Cute, right? And it makes the somewhat daunting task of hanging up those ornaments *that* much more special.

And here you thought it was going to be shiplap.

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