Porcupine clings to little girl's leg in hysterical viral video


When Birdie first took in Edgar the porcupine she had no idea how ‘attached’ he would get.

At only 3-years-old, Birdie is already an animal lover, and her parents have taught her how to care for each of their pets. Though she also has a dog and about 40 birds, Edgar is the newest and most exotic addition to the family. The 7-month-old porcupine, that they found orphaned in their backyard, has found a forever home with the Friend family. Like a dog or cat, the Friends' say Edgar loves who love to cuddle and rough house.

Since they live completely off the grid in Cathlamet, WA, the animals are also allowed to roam free. And every morning, Birdie and her mother take Edgar for a walk in the woods.

In this particular incident, a sudden rainstorm scared the sweet animal and he decided to cling to his owner for dear life. Her mom caught the whole hilarious incident on video and couldn’t help but share it with family and friends.

Watch the sweet moment below:

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