Little boy has hilarious reaction to dog's haircut: 'That's not our puppy'


Beau and his puppy, Oliver, have an unbelievable bond. When Beau was a baby, Oliver stayed close and played protector. Not that he is a little older, Beau has taken on the leader role, giving Oliver commands and rewarding him when he does something right. But a recent trip to the groomer left Beau less than happy with the little pup.

Oliver, who usually sports a longer hairdo, came home completely shaved and looked so different he scared his little owner.

As Beau began to cry about the strange puppy that seemed to "replace" Beau, his mom caught the whole thing on video.

"That's not our puppy," he sobs in the video. "Her a bad dog."

His mother tried to comfort him, explaining that the yorkie just got a new haircut, but Beau was insistent, "That's not our dog!"

Watch the adorable incident above.