Watch: Police K9 goes viral for hilarious 'dance' to get out of new boots


South Dakota is known for its rough winters and this year has been no exception. Already, the area has been hit with massive snow storms, which is why the Rapid City Police Department decided to get their police dog some winter boots. They had no idea that he would have such a strange reaction to the protective gear.

Jari has been with his partner, Officer Mike Hower, for 2 years, so this wasn't the first time the K9 had encountered snow. It was, however, they first time he tried on a pair of tightly-fitted nylon boots.

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To everyone's amusement, Jari strutted around the station, taking wide, awkward steps and oddly waving his feet in the air. The hilarious recording even captured an impressive moment where the 100-pound dog balanced on his two front legs in hopes of getting rid of his back boots.

Though the video was only meant for friends and family, as soon as it hit social media, people just couldn't get enough of the pup.

"I'm glad that Jari was able to put a smile on people's faces," Hower told Inside Edition.

Watch the hilarious scene above.