Watch: Father and daughter pull off amazing wedding dance on roller skates


Chrissy Mitchell wanted to do something special for the father-daughter dance at her recent wedding.

Instead of doing a normal dance, the two kicked swapped their wedding shoes for roller blades in order to give their guests a one-of-a-kind performance.

Chrissy's father, Tim, had been roller skating since he was a kid. He shared the hobby with his daughter when she was in middle school and the two have been skating together ever since. “He taught me all the footwork I know and how to dance to the beat of the music,” Chrissy recounted to Buzz60.

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Even though she admitted it had been almost two years since she skated, Chrissy had no problem jumping back in. In fact, even though they hadn’t practiced, the pair pulled off an unbelievable routine. The now viral video shows their in-sync fancy footwork while they skillfully spin around each other.

Chrissy couldn’t have been happier with the results, later saying,“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him [dad] smile that much.”

Watch their amazing skating skills below.