Why a dessert plate should be your best friend during holiday-party season

Holiday-party season is rife with wine and cookies and every kind of waistline-unfriendly food you could dream of.

One way to make healthier choices in the buffet line? Use a dessert plate.

No, it's not because you should only be eating desserts. Let us explain. Dr. Charles Passler, a nutritionist and founder of the Pure Change program, recently let us in on this little trick: If you're at a holiday party with a buffet, keep yourself from overindulging by using a smaller plate, like a salad or a dessert plate.

See, if you’ve got a full dinner plate, chances are you’re going to fill it with two types of potatoes. If you physically don’t have space for mountains of indulgent foods, you won’t eat mountains of indulgent foods.

Simple as that.

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