The top 10 most popular dog names of 2018


Get ready to pet a lot of dogs named Max and Bella! According to, these are the most popular dog names of 2018. Although this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise; they also snagged the top spots last year. In fact, no new names made it onto this year's top 10 list of boy dog names — most notably Oliver moved from seven to 10. However, new to the top 10 list of girl dog names is Stella, replacing Sophie in the last spot.

Besides the top lists, other trends in dog names include going retro, which is up 17 percent with names like Minnie, Pearl, Harry and Fred, and naming your dog after a pop culture icon. The name Stormi is up 240 percent from last year — not surprising as that's the name Kylie Jenner, 21, gave her baby girl this past February.

Other trends include names inspired by the online game Fortnite, after movie villains and after the British royal family. The name Harry is up 133 percent, while Meghan is up 129 percent.

The newest craze in dog names, however, is naming your pup after food. Food names account for 5 percent of dogs, with brunch-specific names going up 12 percent year over year. Think: Biscuit, Waffles, Beans, Muffin.

This ranking and the corresponding stats were compiled by based on their large database of dogs entered into its system for walking and sitting.

You can view the full list here.

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