5 meaningful gifts to give for the holidays

Sure, an expensive bag, nice pair of earrings and fancy bottle of wine are nice presents to receive, especially over the holidays. But, it's the thought behind the gifts that count --- much, much more than the money spent.

Research has found that material items only equate in a temporary boost of happiness, while sentimental gifts are better in the long run for both happiness and significance. So whether that means gifting an experience such as a concert, invoking nostalgia with a personal photo album or offering someone the unique opportunity to explore their past with a DNA kit, there are a few ways you can put some meaning into holiday giving.

Below you'll find 5 impactful gifts that are sure to feel as good to give as they are to get.

Framebridge allows users to customize a photo with a unique frame curated by a team of designers and artists. Whether you add a date, title, hashtag or name, the frame is all yours. Plus, it ships ready to hang. 

Dive deeper into your family's history with this DNA kit. Users can send their DNA (taken just from their mouths) and find out more information on their family, genealogy, living and deceased relatives and more. Because it's the world's largest collection of online records, Ancestry can be a life-changing experience -- and it's all online. 

Many would take a concert ticket over another material gift any day. Some upcoming tours we're looking forward to? The Dave Matthews Band, Fleetwood Mac and Justin Timberlake

Whether it's UNICEF for The Humane Society, there's nothing as fulfilling as donating money or time to a cause you're passionate about. 

Create your own photo book by uploading all your pictures, customizing texts, colors and templates. Shutterfly has an array of styles to choose from to make it your very own.

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