Man with Down syndrome, 53, showers dad in kisses at airport after week-long separation


A heartwarming video that seemingly went viral in late August is picking up traction once again -- and it's clear to see why.

Matt Cobrink, 53, was reunited with his 88-year-old father after a 5-day long trip to New York City. Cobrink, who has Down syndrome, had the opportunity to meet Aaron Judge of the Yankees, his favorite baseball player, along with one of his sisters. But that meant being away from his father Malcolm, who he's lived with in Los Angeles since his mother passed away 25 years ago.

Cobrick's sister Marcy knew her brother would no doubt get emotional when the two were reunited, and decided to capture the sweet moment on camera. Little did she know just how quickly the video would resonate with the rest of the world. It's since gone viral with 23 million views.

In the video, you can see Cobrick rushing down the escalator to embrace his elderly father. The two cry, share a few hugs and kisses leaving passerbys, and the internet, in tears.

"If this doesn’t make your heart melt, then you mustn’t have one..." commented one Facebook user. "I am really speechless," said another.

You can watch the heartwarming video above.