Fitness guru Amanda Kloots reveals her top fitness tips for moms-to-be


You may know Instagram star Amanda Kloots for her body-positivity quotes, creative at-home workouts with jump ropes or for her contagious smile -- something she maintains while she's livestreaming one of her many (grueling!) fitness classes from around the world.

And now, the former Rockette and Broadway dancer has something else to smile about. Only last week, during Thanksgiving, Kloots announced she's expecting her first child with her husband of one year, Nick.

"I'm feeling pretty good!" she told AOL Lifestyle. "I'm 12-and-a-half weeks so I'm slowly starting to exit the nausea and tired stage."

Years of experience from working in the fitness industry has prepared this mom-to-be with workout and dieting tips for the next 6 months ahead. We caught up with the dancer in New York to learn about her tricks of the trade and how her role as an instructor has changed since she learned she's expecting.

On how her diet has changed since finding out the news...

It definitely has changed. When you're nauseous, you're only craving carbs -- and not the carbs you should be eating, like plain bagels and grilled cheese! So it's been a little hard to keep healthy and on-track.

It's actually really exciting because you start to learn what the baby needs and what you need to start putting into your body -- like protein, like DairyPure Mix-Ins, more vitamin C and folic acid. So, it's actually this really cool time to figure out how I can help this thing growing inside of my body with the food and fuel I'm giving it.

On keeping up with her workouts...

So far, no [changes.] It's been great. I truly believe -- and my doctors truly believe -- that whatever you were doing before your pregnancy you can continue on doing. Luckily, nothing has really changed. Just finding that extra energy is a little hard, but when I walk into a room full of people ready to go it instantly gives me inspiration.

On pregnancy modifications...

You just have to really be careful about your heart rate for sure. I like to use a breathing and speaking test for that. So as long as you can talk naturally as you're working out and your breathing is on track then your heart rate is pretty much okay. Also, not working out in a heated room, because that helps to elevate your heart rate, which is not necessarily safe.

As you get really big, staying away from exercises on your back and twisting and making sure your head is always elevated.

On the one song she's currently blasting in all of her classes...

One of my favorite songs is by Tiesto called "Let's Go." It kind of always puts me in a good mood.

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