The royal Portland tiara, worth millions, stolen from stately home


In a very Hollywood-esque heist, a royal tiara with major historical significance was stolen from Nottinghamshire's Welbeck Estate.

The jewel was being housed in the estate's Portland Collection Gallery when the thieves broke the glass and drove off with it last week.

The Portland Tiara was commissioned from Cartier by the sixth Duke of Portland for his wife, Winifred Cavendish-Bentinck, to wear to King Edward VII's coronation at Westminster Abbey in 1902. Winifred was selected as one of four canopy bearers for Alexandra, Queen Consort, for the ceremony.

The Duchess of Portland in the tiara in 1902 (Getty)

Encrusted with diamonds and set in gold and silver, the intricate piece also features the Portland diamond in the middle, two drop diamonds and surrounding pendants.

Experts have trouble placing a price on the artifact, but it's "worth millions" they believe -- and they fear the thieves will break up the tiara and sell its parts individually. Curator of jewelry at the Victoria Albert Museum called the piece "one of the great historic tiaras of Great Britain," according to Hello!

Police arrived at the scene only 90 seconds after the thieves made their escape in a white Audi.

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