9 holiday gifts with a personal touch


This article was paid for by 23andMe and created by the AOL editorial team.

What's in a name? When it comes to giving gifts to the ones you love, one with a personal touch is so much more meaningful than just another tie (sorry for those, Dad!). Whether it's a tool to discover more about themselves or a gift that highlights their name or favorite products, personal gifts are going to help you win the holiday season.

23andMe is one of our favorite picks for a gift with meaning, because it gives you the opportunity to discover more about you, about your family, and about your life through the gift of genetic discovery. It's a way to learn more about what makes you, you by exploring where your DNA is from out of 150+ regions worldwide. It really is a whole new way to celebrate your family and how unique each person is.

Click through below to see more of our favorite personal gifts -- from monogrammed items to a photo book to fill with your favorite family photos, you can't go wrong with any of these holiday finds.