Royals release new photo of Prince Louis -- and he looks just like big brother George!



Royal fans were treated to a new photo of the now six-month-old Prince Louis for the first time since his christening back in July.

Snapped by royal photographer Chris Jackson, the photo shows the youngest Cambridge being cradled by his mom, Duchess Kate, as he grips on to his grandfather Prince Charles' hands. The photo was shared on Twitter to mark the Princes of Wales' 70th birthday on November 14th.

Of course, everyone was quick to notice just how much Prince Louis resembles his older brother Prince George.

"Louis sure does resemble George from the side!" wrote one tweeter. "From the profile view, Prince Louis reminds me of Prince George when he was a baby," said another.

We can't help but agree. Take a look back at Prince George when he was a similar age, back in 2014, when the family visited Australia.

Photo: Getty

For another royal resemblance, watch the video above!

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