M&M's newest flavor is the perfect holiday treat

We CAN'T WAIT to try these!

M&M’s has had quite the year. Between their nationwide vote for the new crunchy M&M’s flavor and launching crazy new varieties (orange vanilla cream, hazelnut spread and yes, even jalapeño), M&M’s doesn’t shy away from creativity. And with the holiday season finally upon us, they are yet again releasing a fun, new flavor for customers to relish in: Hot Cocoa!

That’s right, if you think there’s not enough hot chocolate to go around, then you may as well buy a hot chocolate candy to go with it! M&M’s newest flavor is officially on shelves and it’s full of winter happiness.

What’s on the inside?

We all know that the trick to a delicious hot chocolate is the marshmallow pairing, so M&M’s made that a priority in the candy’s center. M&M’s Hot Cocoa flavor has a milk chocolate and white chocolate marshmallow-flavored center. Looking at the package, the chocolates are streaked through, looking like a steaming mug of hot chocolate and melted marshmallows right in your candy. The outer shell comes in a brown and white candy coating, to symbolize the two prominent flavors.

The flavor is super similar to the new Hot Cocoa Hershey’s Kisses. However, the Kisses are filled with a marshmallow flavored crème instead of a hard chocolate center, so it’s a whole different type of hot chocolate experience. Either way, both candies sound like the perfect pairing to a steamy cup of hot cocoa this holiday season.

Where you can buy them

There’s only one place to grab this delicious new flavor—Target! Target released their 2018 holiday preview, and the Hot Cocoa M&M’s are a part of it. You can also find the Ghirardelli Toffee & Cookie Crunch, Lindt Snickerdoodle, Reese’s Santa’s Helpers and Dove Hot Cocoa there this year. We’ll have a case of each.

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