Prince Charles shares one major concern for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's baby

Prince Charles shares one major concern for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's baby

Like the rest of the royal family, including the queen, Prince Charles is absolutely "delighted" with the news of baby Sussex. After Prince Harry and Meghan announced the exciting news in mid-October, the Prince of Wales apparently toasted to the reveal "several times" after congratulating the couple at Princess Eugenie's wedding.

The baby, who will be born this coming spring, will be the fourth grandchild for the 69-year-old heir. But that doesn't mean he's totally laissez-faire about the whole addition. In fact, the prince has one major concern for his future grandchild.

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While visiting Ghana as part of his nine-day royal tour of West Africa this week, the royal expressed his concerns for baby Sussex and his or her's future.

"I am about to have another grandchild actually. I suspect quite a few of you may too have grandchildren or will do soon," the prince began, as he a spoke at a meeting about pollution in the country's capital of Accra.

“It does seem to me insanity if we are going to bequeath this completely polluted, damaged and destroyed world to them," he poignantly worded. “All grandchildren deserve a better future.”

The Prince of Wales has been particularly vocal about various environmental causes and the importance of sustainability. He's launched various initiatives over the past few years in an effort to combat climate change, deforestation and oceanic pollution.

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The Prince’s Rainforest Project, Accounting for Sustainability and the International Sustainability Unit are just some of those projects. His efforts led him to be awarded the GCC Global Leader of Change Award in 2017.

Prince Harry and Prince William have even commented on their father's environmentally-conscious nature and a quirk they both inherited -- "picking up rubbish."

"He took us litter picking when we were younger... We thought this is perfectly normal, everyone must do it," said Prince William. For more on the Prince of Wales visit to Ghana with the Duchess of Cornwall, watch the video above.

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