7 Melania Trump looks the internet was up in arms about

First lady Melania Trump has evolved from a background character in her husband's raucous presidential campaign to the increasingly vocal center of her own controversies.

Through Melania has been an active part of official duties including youth programs, diplomacy events, and crisis outreach, most of the media and public attention on her has been about her outfits.

Here are some of the clothing choices that have caused the biggest stirs.

7 of Melania's most contentious looks
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7 of Melania's most contentious looks
Melania first formally appeared on the national stage as a political spouse alongside then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

1. After months in the background of the Trump family image, she set off a firestorm in October 2016 in a Gucci "pussy-bow" shirt days after audio was leaked of her husband saying that since he was famous, he could "grab" women "by the p---y."

Source: Business Insider

A campaign spokeswoman said the similarity was not intentional.

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After she became first lady, Trump stayed relatively out of the spotlight before relocating to the White House from New York City after the end of her son's school year.

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2. In May 2017, Trump stepped out in Sicily wearing a $51,500 Dolce & Gabbana coat and sparked outrage over the exorbitant cost amid the president's announcement of plans for a healthcare bill that aimed to gut the Affordable Care Act.

Source: Business Insider

3. Pictured walking to Marine One before taking off for Texas in August 2017, Trump's Manolo Blahnik stilettos earned her harsh blowback for looking unprepared to pitch in a helping or relatable hand after Hurricane Harvey.

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But she changed into sneakers before landing.

4. In September 2017, it was Melania's choice of a plaid Balmain shirt that cost $1,000 at the time for a public appearance with the Boys and Girls Club of Washington in the White House Kitchen Garden.

Source: Business Insider

5. Social media erupted in April over Melania's bold hat choice to receive the French first couple. Some appreciated the statement, some seemed overwhelmed by it, and some took offense at its resemblance to one of Beyonce's looks.

Source: Business Insider

6. The look that sparked the most outrage was when Melania wore a jacket from Zara that said "I really don't care do U?" to visit immigrant children at a government facility in June.

Source: Business Insider

The choice came as the nation was up in arms over her husband's "zero tolerance" immigration policy that was separating families at the border. Her spokeswoman shrugged the scandal off, saying there was "no hidden message."

Source: Business Insider

Trump later flipped on her team's denial, saying in an October interview that the jacket was meant for "the left-wing media who are criticizing me," over a number of scandals, which she said may make her the "most bullied person in the world."

Source: Business Insider

7. Part of Trump's tour of several African countries to promote initiatives related to her childhood wellness initiative was overshadowed by criticism over her wearing a white pith helmet in Africa, due to its association with colonial rule.

Source: Business Insider

After two years of life at the helm of the first family, Trump's increasing involvement with first lady duties — from confronting boundless controversy to promoting her own initiatives — surely means she'll continue to be one of the most-watched members of the administration.


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