Kate Walsh reveals the one beauty product that she always has on-hand


Kate Walsh is living, breathing proof that aging gracefully doesn't have to mean going under the knife or dishing out thousands of dollars in beauty treatments.

The 51-year-old beauty knows all too well that while aging is an obstacle for everyone, it's a pressure that's especially felt in Hollywood -- and there is really one way she goes about it.

We chatted with the "Grey's Anatomy" star about her beauty routine, that epic "Thirteen Reasons Why" haircut, the importance of sleep and most importantly, the one beauty product that she always, always has on-hand. (Hint: It's under 6 bucks and it's right at your drug store).

On her must-have beauty product...

For the body, I always go drug-store -- I feel like there's no fancy brands that I trust that will actually do any good. I'll always bring a big thing of Vaseline Clinical Care lotion in my bag and put it on in my trailer at work.

On how sleep affects her skin...

Your skin does take a toll like everything else. So when I work, like now, I just won't get 8 hours -- it's just not going to happen. It gets duller, it gets drier, things droop, gravity takes its toll.

On why she loves Vaseline...

I'm an old school Vaseline girl...I used to coat my face with it. In Chicago and even here in New York during the winter it was just so dry. What I love about this is that it's really pharmaceutical grade. You don't have to go to the doctor -- if you have eczema or dark spots, you don't have to spend a fortune to go to a fancy dermatologist or get a prescription.

On that "Thirteen Reasons Why" pixie cut

We talked about it with Brian Yorkey, the creator. We really wanted to show her progressing and where her life was at -- what would go, what would make a change rather than just having a knot. It's the last thing she wants to think about if she's going to a trial every day. She's miserable, her husband left her.

For more on the actress, watch the video above!

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