Why you probably shouldn’t buy your milk from Costco

Let’s get one thing straight: Costco is a fantastic establishment. It’s a one-stop shop for everything on your list—and everything you didn’t know should be on your list, like vacation packages and gym memberships. But there’s one product you may want to keep out of your Costco cart: milk.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Costco’s milk. It comes at a fair price, and it tastes no different from milk sold at other stores. The problem is with the packaging. Many Costco locations sell their milk in square-shaped plastic jugs, which are apparently incredibly difficult to pour without spilling. This concern has made its way across the Internet, including on Reddit discussion boards, and customers around the country all share the same frustration.

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“Those square milk jugs are horrible,” Seattle-based blogger Rachel Teodoro told MONEY. “I’m a grown woman who has a college degree and I cannot pour the milk without spilling it.”

Since the packaging for Costco’s milk varies depending on the region and supplier, your local Costco may not even sell these cumbersome milk jugs. But if it does, you may want to consider going to another grocery store that sells traditional jugs that aren’t spill-prone. Costco milk prices are comparable to other national grocery stores, anyway. Here’s how to crack the secret code on your milk jug.

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