Meghan Markle criticized for 'too' relaxed pose in New Zealand by etiquette experts


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped out in New Zealand on Monday for the last leg of their 16-day royal tour of the Pacific. After a whirlwind couple of weeks, the two joined locals at Wellington's Courtney Creative, to celebrate their local arts scene.

For the casual occasion, Duchess Meghan looked sleek as ever in a white tuxedo dress by New Zealand designer Maggie Marilyn. But it wasn't the protocol-pushing cut of the outfit or its high price-tag ($700) that left many underwhelmed. Instead, it was Meghan's very casual pose, with her hands in her pockets, that stirred the pot with some etiquette experts.

"We know that Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pioneering a new, relaxed, tactile branch of monarchy but having hands in the pocket is a step too far," explained etiquette expert William Hanson to The Daily Mail.

He continued, "There is good casual and there is bad casual. Placing a hands in the pocket is too relaxed and unprofessional, however dressed down Prince Harry and his wife may have been."

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It seems to be a habit that the 37-year-old royal picked up only recently. Some body language experts note that this gesture may be a sign of insecurity. “The classic reason for this very common gesture is that it signals a subliminal desire to hide, especially when the hands are shoved deep into the pockets," explained Judy James to OK!.

“It also helps get over the common problem most of us suffer from, which is not really knowing what to do with our hands when we know people are looking at us," she continued.

For more on her new habit, watch the video above!

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